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Problem starting game via startup-sequence

I have workbench 3.1 working using winuae. Im trying to get a game to run automatically through the startup-sequence.

The game is epsilon 9. It doesn't have a whdload. I did the hard drive install (which the game has) and the game works fine from hard drive when I double click on the epsilon_9 file. But when I add it to the main startup sequence it starts fine with the introduction but as soon as the next scene is going to play it exits back to workbench.

I also tried with winuae just using the harddrive install folder, adding C, libs, l, S etc... and trying that way without workbench but I get the same result.

The error message I get right after this happens is "Screen not opened" epsilon_9 failed returncode 20.

When I try to have it run with my workbench configured startup sequence I only added "new:epsilon_9" at the end just before endcli ("new:" being the folder with the hd install). And when I try to have it run with just the hd install folder in winuae I just put epsilon_9 in the startup sequence and nothing else.

I read of another game giving that same error message called sam & max. Both games use GRAC. By adding "Assign GRAC2: Work:Games/" for sam&max they got it working but it doesn't seem to work for me.

Any help plaese?
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does the game boot on disk?
maybe corrupt disk or not installed on the right drawer,or file missing.
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Graham Humphrey
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Instead of putting the line "new:epsilon_9" try:

CD new:

I think what might be happening is that the game is trying to find the files it needs to run but because 'new' isn't the current directory it's not searching there and hence can't find them.
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The way I have the directory setup seems fine. The game does start to run but after the introduction (game title and programer name ...), just before the next scene or gameplay part, the game exits to workbench.

Just doesn't make any sense to me

Double clicking on the epsilon_9 file works perfectly but having it start from startup-sequence doesn't.

EDIT: Thank you Graham Humphrey. I tried your way and it worked! You are absolutely correct. Since new: wasn't the current directory all it did was run the file in that directory but didn't stay in that directory for the game to find the rest of the files.

Thank you for your help.

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