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NTSC, PAL, CyberGFX, smooth scrolling, scanbeam and other things I don't understand

I don't know if it's alright to post this here. Here goes the question.

When I had a working Amiga (will have again soon I hope) I got really pissed of when I saw my mouse pointer moving jerky on my CVisionPPC CGX4 screen.

I was used to pointer moving smoothly.

I kept trying to find ways of making the pointer move smoothly like the old old days. And one day figured that when I used a utility (don't remember the name) that altered the hertz of native Amiga output allowing Paula the output more than 28k khz sound output or some utility to switch native amiga output to ntsc, magically mouse pointer movement on CVisionPPC became much smoother (when I made a finetuned and defined resolution that was 60hz and yes I was so desperate for smooth moving pointer that I switched to 60hz from 85hz) and AGA output became garbage. My pointer bacame smooth apart from an invisible line (a scanbeam I guess) that was moving slowly from up to down causing tears on screen when moving lots of icons or a window.

Is it techically impossible to have a 100% smooth moving pointer and windows on a CGX screen?

I managed to achive the same effect under Winuae. I have a Samsung Synmaster 206bw that has default of 60hz (lcd) and turned on full screen+ vsync on the display native mode side. and set the refresh rate to 60hz ntsc and magically pointer is now moving smoothly on the p96 side and I got the tearing effect on a certain part of the screen. I think I also need to make the Amiga a NTCS one from chipset settings.

Now what is all this about. And why am I so confused. Sorry it has been a long time since I used my Amiga. But I will try to find more about it.
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