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Dumb GLQuake queery

I know a I type this I'm asking something very basic, so be kind & hopefully helpful.

'Thought I'd have a play with GLQuake under WinUAE.....etc.
All runs fine, but how do I pass startup parameters to the program? Or any proggie for that matter....

-Put as tooltypes into GLQuake.info - eg -width 800 or width 800 <- ignored

-Start from console.
'this is not an executable' - eg. GLQuake -width 800 -height 600 ...etc.
Fair enough - only an iconx icon not the executable itself.
crashes on startup - eg. glquake68k_blitz -width 800 -height 600 ...etc.
It does start, but doesn't finish the initial commands in quake's console window even if no parameters were passed.

What am I misunderstanding/doing wrong?

Maybe this is so basic that people with a genuine Amiga background ( rather than me whose sum total of knowledge comes from messing with emulators ) wouldn't consider documenting the 'how to' hence the reason why I've not found one so far....

Thanks in advance.


PS to avoid another dumb question thread how do I get GLQuake to freelook?
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Mouse Look isnt it?
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Thanks for the reply to the P.S.

As for my main question....

I know this problem is quite trivial & the answer is probably so simple as to not be worth the effort of an explanation, but *please* help out a person whose whole understanding of AmigaOS is from fiddling with emulators without the help of a manual.

How do I pass command-line parameters under AmigaOS?

Words of one syllable for preference, and no assumptions made in the explanation no-matter how obvious to you would be appreciated.

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You need to use 'execute' to start scripts (if they don't have the script protection bit set). So in the shell, you type 'execute GLQuake <params>'.
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Thanks v. much, I'll give it a go.
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