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Wing Commander CD32


I was wondering if anybody can tell me if WING COMMANDER CD32 version was ever released in it's OWN box.
I only see it popping up on ebay or other marketplaces being bundled with several other CD32 titles (e.g. Dangerous Streets).

Is there a WING COMMANDER only version?
and if so - does it came boxed?
same box like ECS version?

Olli K:
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Old 27 July 2004, 11:50   #2
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No, it was released as a bundle only.
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Old 27 July 2004, 12:02   #3
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I'm pretty sure it was released seperately.

HOL has a seperate entry for it so that seems to back up my thoughts. http://hol.abime.net/?id=1722

You may think there is an entry just because it exists as part of a compilation but there is no CD32 project-x on it's own, with HOL only showing it as part of compilations. (which it would do with Wing Commander had it only been released as part of a bundle)

HOL is very reliable, so Wing Commander must have been issued seperately at some stage.
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Old 27 July 2004, 12:44   #4
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Don't think that HOL is perfect, there's a lot of wrong data in it...

There's a german website called "CD32-Allianz" and there you can read:
WingCommander wurde bekanntlich zusammen mit DangerousStreet auf einer CD veröffentlicht, allerdings NIE alleine.
translated: "Wing Commander was released together with Dangerous Street on one CD, but NEVER alone."

I read this on other websites as well and there's absolutely no proof that a stand-alone version exists, so...
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Old 27 July 2004, 12:47   #5
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Oh I know HOL isn't perfect, it's just that a game is never normally entered unless there is evidence that it existed.

If there is evidence to suggest otherwise then it should be removed from HOL as a single entry
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Old 27 July 2004, 19:15   #6
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I never ever seen it on its own either, I think it was only available throug the CD32 bundle pack. Quite a drag if you already had a CD32 and wanted it.
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Old 12 August 2004, 15:04   #7
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i'm pretty sure, that Wing Commander haven't released seperately. The Compilation comes with the CD32 Console up to December in Germany.


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In the HOL the 'Dangerous Streets/Wing Commander' CD32 release is set as a compilation - I don't think it can be labelled as anything else. As a compilation it needs to include a set of two or more games and in the database we link each of these games to the compilation.

Project X SE/F17 Challenge is considered a compilation of the floppy releases of those two games, but on a CD.

With Dangerous Streets/Wing Commander CD32 it's more complicated as Wing Commander was otherwise only released on floppy whereas Dangerous Streets was released as ECS floppy, AGA floppy and CD32.

The question then is which versions of these two games are included in the DS/WC CD32 compilation? I don't think that the release of WC on the DS/WC CD32 compilation is the floppy one, as the CD version includes 256 colour graphics and should be thought of as a previously unreleased and updated version.

As this is a special case, it's better to allow the version of WC in the DS/WC CD32 compilation its own entry, but note that it only exists as part of that compilation.

Lunar-C is another game which was only exists along with Overkill on a CD32 release, so we can perhaps do something similar there too.
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