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Total Amiga Assembler

Anyone ever seen a copy of Total Amiga Assembler by Paul Overaa? Is it any good?

I've been looking for a copy for ages but either can't find one or when I do it's ridiculously expensive. Based on those things I've been assuming that it's probably fairly decent and worth a look...
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move.w #$4489,$dff07e
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I've got this book - it's not bad at all. It's like a bigger brother to "Mastering Amiga Assembler".

To be honest though if you're already at the stage of writing sinescollers in 68K you probably don't need it
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OK mate, thanks for the info & the compliment.

Just a thought though, if that book tells you about the commands and stuff that I might have already gleaned from other sources can anyone recommend any good books that teach how to structure programs and teach things like 'standard' algorithms - stuff like sorting lists etc?

Where I feel I'm really weak is in those 'every coder no should know how to...' areas.

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I'd learn how to do it in a high-level language, then compile (by hand or look at the output of an assembler, perhaps with optimization). It's easier to see what's going on when it's not obscured with machine-level details. Donald Knuth would probably disagree though...
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hastala vista winny vista
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maybe you could check the art of computer programming little bit intense but everything is in there
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Great book
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@poohbear - good advice. I've never gone the proper route to learning how to program - I don't know how to program in any high level languages at all. All I've ever done is simple 'doesn't need a ton of clever algorthims' stuff in 68k asm. Perhaps better to walk before I can run...

@coze - I'll check that out - nice one.

@korruptor - hello mate. If it comes with your seal of approval as well, I'll definitely check it out!

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Originally Posted by coze
little bit intense but everything is in there
You are not wrong! I followed the link you posted and from there a link to the author's homepage. It's not one book but four with a fifth, sixth and seventh volume planned too! Not to mention the ambitious constant updating he wants to do on the already published volumes... Each one coming in at the ballpark of a whopping 700 pages!

Errrm - anyone got any recommendations for something a little lighter!?
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