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Why is there no interest in missing games...

Hi Guys,

I hope that there is someone here whom can explain me why there is no interest to get new unlisted games in the HOL Database.
I believe it is nearly 2 years ago that I have sended a whole amount of Missing Games and also missing Boxes and Screenshots to HOL. Nothing happens until now. Why is that so?
I am a collector which have many Games you maybe never heard about in the EAB and I was always looking to find some games which are not listed or no Boxes there. I am just new in the EAB but maybe you see the Threads about Dark Angel, Geenie, Cybersphere Plus etc. which I all have in my collection and I still can get pictures and information. But as long as there is nothing happens that way, and there is a focus on other entrys about existing games I will not do anything.
Last Time I sended you informations about really rare games like Space Vegetables, Magic Maths, Hooray for Henrietta, Football Masters Season 96/97, Shapes & Colours, USM Midseason Update, Read Right Away etc.
I believe it would be interesting to see these Game with Boxes in HOL?
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I guess it's frustrating that contributions are not considered, isn't it ?

Actually 2 years is much time ..... perhaps your stuff must be still elaborate ?

Yeah, i know, only HOL team know the truth
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Sorry, I've overlooked these scans. I'll process them now.
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Well Than Thanks so far.
If there is something wrong or so . Just tell me.
If these new things than on HOL I will send you more rare Games
something like the Screenshots and Disks from the Super RARE AGA Version of the German
Football Manager Hattrick from Ikarion. So far as I know all Amiga Users, I am only one which have these Original Disks.
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Old 25 June 2021, 16:15   #5
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I've created these new entries so far. Would you be able to create some disk images for these so I can create some screenshots from WinUAE?

ADI French: 11/12 Years
Cricket Masters 2
Football Masters Version 5 96/97 Season
Hooray for Henrietta
Magic Maths
Read Right Away: Reading Pack 1
Shapes and Colours
Space Vegetables
Ultimate Soccer Manager Mid Season Update

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Lovely seeing new updates to HOL, thx all!!
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I notice the Oscar + Diggers compilation for the CD32 is missing from HOL. That was a pack-in with the console, wasn't it? I don't own a copy anymore, but surely someone out there has it and can send in scans?
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I am always interested in missing and unreleased games, even if there is no playable build and just some screens shoots. As for others I do not known.
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Old 26 June 2021, 18:20   #9
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I have to Look on my harddrive ist is possible that I have made also Screenshots.
I will send them to hol and tell you here.

The Football Masters Season 96/97 is Version V5.19
So far as I know was the Game Space Vegetables Never released as stand alone.
This was just happens on PC. Ist was only released in the Mega Collection from MicroValue.
The Ultimate Soccer Manager MidSeason Update was just to Order directly from Sierra.
It was Never released in a Box. You can just Order it, if you send up an Order form which was in the Data Disk Box.
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