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Midi out not working with Music X

I'm trying to get some old MuiscX midi stuff from years ago.
I want to run MusicX playing its midi sequences and record them on a new sequencer (Reaper) so I can work with them again.

I've got Win UAE set up to have its MIDI set to my MIDI interface on my PC.
MIDI in works, I can play my MIDI keyboard and the notes appear in MusicX.
But when I play those notes back via midi out they don't appear on the MIDI interface.

I've tried installing LoopBe MIDI interface and tried using that but still no joy.

I've got MIDI-OX running and can see that it is picking up nothing on the interface.

Does anyone know if there is any setting or something I'm missing in Win UAE or MusicX that might prevent it working?

If I route to the internal GM wavetable synth I can get the notes playing but I can't record them.

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you may have a look into the Music-X_Users_Manual.pdf at bombjacks website.
there is also a tutorial video of MusicX on the eab ftp ( /Commodore_Amiga/Misc/Vid/Amiga_Format_MusicX.zip )

once i tested midi features in winuae i just were choosing in/out devices. cannot remember any special things there.
which version of winuae you are using?
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If you are getting midi playback on your wavetable synth, then it's shouldn't be a problem with Music-X settings. I think it's all in the device selection, both from Winuae and Reaper. I did have MIDI-OX set up on my old pc but I have not got it going on the new one yet, I remember setting it up was a bit tricky and counter-intuitive the midi ox forums were helpfull. Music-X Came with a file converter utility to change Music-X files to standard midi files.
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Just had a quick look. It's Midi yoke you need. When you have it installed you get the option to choose it as a midi device. Choose Midi yoke 1 as your midi output for Winuae. Then for Reaper you should be able to choose Midi yoke 1 as the input. I think this was the setup I had running with Bars and Pipes.
I tried Music-X on Winuae a few years ago and couldn't get it to work. I guess the compatibility problem must have been fixed.
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Thanks for the link emufan, that manual brings back happy memories.
And thanks Stampy MIDIYoke did the trick.
I had LoopBe which I think is the same sort of thing, but it doesn't see to receive WinUAE's output, MIDIYoke does.
I'm getting some midi feedback errors causing ports to disable, but I can sort that out when I get some time.
Thanks very much for you help, much appreciated.

PS If anyone else is reading this and trying to link up WinUAE and Reaper, you need to run the 32 bit version of Reaper, the 64 bit version cannot see MIDIYoke

Thanks again Stampy.
All the best, GMED.

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