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Old 29 September 2006, 00:05   #1
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Question MorphOS under Emulation?

Must be careful how I ask this question...

While following a link from another thread I came across this:

I found point 1) of the terms + conditions interesting.

What emulator would have any chance of running MOS? PearPC??

I guess this is a rhetorical question given that such action is forbidden, but it would be one way to try MOS out as I'm never likely to buy a Pegasos board on the off-chance I'll like it...

Any views?
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Old 30 September 2006, 12:01   #2
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I pressume that there is no emulator (yet) on which you can run MorphOS on PC.
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Old 02 October 2006, 16:07   #3
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If you can get the OpenFirmware from a Pegasos working with PearPC there is a chance to get MorphOS running.
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Old 02 October 2006, 17:01   #4
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With qemu would be feasible, since it allows the use of custom bios to be put on a directory for proper emulation. But you need the bios of a peg 1 or 2 to try that.
If i'm not mistaken, Adam Kowalzyc form ACK controls has os4 running under emulation on qemu, but obiusly he hasn't gave any details of it.
So i think that it's possible.
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Old 02 October 2006, 17:14   #5
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Please, don't bother trying these amiga look-a-likes!
It's a Wasted Effort (TM).

Stick with a real Classic Amiga or even better with UAE (Ultimate Amiga Environment).
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Old 02 October 2006, 17:16   #6
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Originally Posted by Charlie
I guess this is a rhetorical question given that such action is forbidden
I think that depends entirely on where you live. If I am not mistaken you don't really have to bother about certain aspects of EULA's here in Sweden... you have the 'private usage' which would allow you to do pretty anything 'in-house'... running your purchased MacOS, somewhat patched, on your x86 computer, for example... just as even though Nintendo claims you are not allowed to make backups of your SNES cartridges you can do that legally over here... (but not spread the backup out-of-house).

Don't take my word on it, though... since I do not know the law by heart... but as far as I have taken part of information on the subject (newspapers, tv and other media) that is the way it should work over here.
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Old 02 October 2006, 17:26   #7
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amiga; Have you actually tried MorphOs ?
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Originally Posted by amiga
Please, don't bother trying these amiga look-a-likes!
It's a Wasted Effort (TM)...
You are quite correct, but I suffer from an odd point of view when it comes to Amiga(s).

- A real Amiga is a combination of OS+hardware, so only a Classic system fits the bill. Anything else is 'just' nonsense, especially given all the moonshine that has followed the fall of C=. The Amiga is a retro-hobby but for the few loonies who think it may rise again, or the shisters who are trying to wring any remaining money from it! -


I've never owned a 'real amiga'.
My exposure has been first via WinUAE ( Tony ) & then Amithlon which has made 3.9 my main day-to-day OS.
( Multi-booting - I'm not completely mad )
AmigaOS in terms of both architecture and use seems 'right' to me. I have little paracticable interest in the hardware beyond emulation.

My problem is that 3.9 is no-longer developed & neither is Amithlon beyond what G.C. does to the kernel. The point is coming where if I still want to put my favoured OS to some useful work ( the march of PC hardware is making compatability issues harder to deal with ) I will eventually need to look for a better supported Amiga-like enviroment.

-How I wish x86 & PCI had been the offical migration choices of the past, though @ the time it would have made little sense-

So I look to AOS4, MOS, or most likely AROS as my next step...

One person with just about every point of view - scary.

'Those Whom The Gods Seek To Destroy They First Make Mad'
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Old 01 February 2010, 23:02   #9
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sorry for digging this up..
could new version of morphos run in pearpc?

my plan would be to install it in pearpc and make a bootable usb drive so that macmini boots from external hdd. (cdrom broken)
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I read somewhere, that there was a MorphOS developer using QEMU at some point.

I enjoy all variants of AmigaOS. However i believe as mentioned before, only original Classics 68k are Amigas, the rest are Amiga-like.

Speaking about Amiga-like OSes, my personal recomendation for a choice is like this:

1- AROS - Works in Inexpensive x86 hardware, and has progressed a lot in the last 2 years. It certainly has a future and it is free.

2 - MorphOS - The most mature AmigaOS-like, but still with issues (slow network speed). It is really cool. The downside is that it has no realistic hardware future (PPC Macs will eventually become slow in the future, as software evolves continuously with more resource hungry applications) and, PPC has long left the massive user market it once had.

3 - AmigaOS 4.x - It is a really one hell of a buggy OS, it seems like it was a rushed job, and that the devs are still fixing major bugs. Its hardware is overpriced and underpowered. The good aspects of it, is that it feels like an easy transition from AmigaOS 3.9, and that it has the official "Amiga" name on it.

If you want a system with a perspective of future go the AROS way
If you want something cheap go for AROS
If you want a polished system with the best performance per mhz go MorphOS
If you want something with the official "Amiga" name, go AmigaOS 4.x

Good luck!
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Old 02 February 2010, 10:07   #11
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>Please, don't bother trying these amiga look-a-likes!
>It's a Wasted Effort (TM)...

I think we have some red supporters here :-) I myself try to keep a more balanced view :-)

>found point 1) of the terms + conditions interesting.

How dare they try to take away the right to emulate. It is a basic human right.

>PPC has long left the massive user market it once had.

The points made about PPC applies equally to both OSes.

If either of them were emulatable then I would be running and developing software for it. Since I can't afford to buy a new machine, running them is simply possible . (I'm sure I would still support OS3.9 too though.) And no, I don't like AROS (no binary compatibility; no support of OS3.9 API eg. ReAction; ugly icons; etc.).

I think PearPC has been pretty much abandoned these days unfortunately

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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
2 - MorphOS - The most mature AmigaOS-like, but still with issues (slow network speed).
Little correction: slow network speed happens only on some individual Mac minis and it will be corrected on next update. There haven't been any problems with network speed on other supported platforms and not on the most Macs either. It wasn't even noticed before the public release for the Macs . I can get close to the full theoretical speed on my 100Mbps network with Mac mini. In fact the built in TCP/IP stack is noticeably faster than any 3rd party alternatives (Miami, AmiTCP Genesis, MOSNET).
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