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Crisp tetris clone with repetitive music.

I'm looking for a Tetris clone.

I have some kind of image of how the game looked, but some details may be skewed. It was the year 1995 and I had just come home from The Party 95 (December 95).

I know that I was playing ZeeWolf and this game at that time on my A1200. It may have been a AGA game but I'm not sure.

I do not know if there was two playing fields or one, but in the background there was rotating cubes or something like that.

The music was very, _very_ repetitive and after some time you just got crazy . I'm pretty sure that the music was the
mod.loading_sea from the game Agony composed by Martin Wall & Robert Ling.
( http://exotica.fix.no/tunes/unexotica/games/Agony.html ).

I do not know about the commercial status of the game, I guess that at the time I had downloaded the game from a BBS.

The only other thing that I can remember is that I thought that it was quite good looking and that I could play it forever and ever .

Thanks, I hope that you got some ideas.

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Tik Gora :D

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Hrm .. fred_notduck ?!

Anyway .. Have a scan through this thread here .. it may help jog your memory .. and theres a few on HOL to view.
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Hehe, never heard that one before, actually nd stands for Neurotic Design.

I read that thread yesterday before posting, but I've read it again this morning, and also tried all the tetris games that I could find that are in the "NOT" list.

D'oh maybe I should read before I post.

Yes, HOL was my first stop, sorry to say that the game is not in the list. I'm more and more thinking that this game was not comercial.

I still got no clue. Maybe it is just in my imagination?
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Tik Gora :D

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Sorry .. I should explain, we have an eccentric(?) 'member' on this forum called Fred the Duck .. I wondered if you was related and but trying to distance yourself from him

Anyway Welcome to the board mate

Now lets try to guess this game for you.

I remember Twintris was a popular Tetris game with 2 playfields but no rotating cubes that i recall.

Er i think more clues are needed here ...
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;) Thanks.

No Twintris is not it ;(.

Actually I have checked the games on hol and all the games with names like *tris and *trix in Tosec without any luck.

I think the music is the mail clue, I will try and think back some more.

Possibly this game is just a "loader" or demopart, but I'm not sure.
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Stick out tongue

Repetitive music?
For me personally, that could be only ONE! Steinschlag by Peter Händel!

Yet a well done PD game, though ...
Screenshot attached to jog your memory a bit more ...
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