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Old 28 September 2022, 16:01   #1

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New Game - AmiWordle (Wordle Clone)

(I posted this in the "News" section but it seems to have vanished?)

A little late to the Wordle Clone party perhaps, but I've been ill with Covid this week so I did something to keep my mind of the coughing.

I present, AmiWordle, a clone of the Wordle web game which probably you all know.

Despite the original code being "out there" this is a complete reimplementation and with word-lists from various open-source places, so this should be safe of copyright issues. There may well be some bugs, I was largely delirious with fever when I wrote this.

The screenshot is from a early version, the keyboard correctly highlights correct/current-but-wrong-place letters now.

Tested on 1.3 and 3.1. System friendly. On NTSC low-res, it will default to "wide" mode to fit on the screen. "Wide" mode can also be selected in the tooltypes of the icon, if preferred.

All source code included.

A correctly set system clock is recommended for "default" mode otherwise you'll get some weird results.

You can play as many games as you like if you set PLAYTYPE=FREE otherwise it's restricted to once per day.

If you want to set a different seed (to have repeatable sequences of words) give it another integer value between 1 and 2^32-1.

;; ToolTypes:
;;    LAYOUT = TALL (keyboard under guess panel)
;;             WIDE (keyboard to the right of panel)
;;    SEED   = DEFAULT (uses fixed start point)
;;             RANDOM (words randomly mixed)
;;             <free numerical value>
;;    PLAYTYPE = FREE (as many games as you like
;;               NORMAL (only one game a day)

VERION 1.1 attached.

All comments, feedback, fixes welcome. It's released under a FOSS license, do with it as you will.
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File Type: lha AmiWordle.lha (80.7 KB, 31 views)

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Old 30 September 2022, 17:45   #2

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No one a wordle fan here then

I had quite some fun writing it, if anyone has a suggestion for some other little workbench games please make a suggestion.
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Old 30 September 2022, 23:49   #3

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Probably Minesweeper is already done? But it has e.g. the "recursive fill" to reveal portions of the area with 1 click, and a check when you click the first square and remove the bomb if it was there to avoid very short games If you find it interesting.

Don't forget also that most of the fun in games comes from the rewards when you play it right. It can be anything, satisfying sound effects when placing pieces or cool visual effects for mini-achievements, all the way to a might cutscene when you finish a long game.
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Old 01 October 2022, 00:29   #4
Ex nihilo nihil

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Nice .
Will give it a try and for sure will learn new 5 letters words

By the way, is it possible to easily localise the dictionary for 5 letters FR words (or other languages) ?
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Old 01 October 2022, 11:57   #5
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Originally Posted by E-Penguin View Post
No one a wordle fan here then

Big Wordle fan, definitely looking forward to trying it. I just haven't had the time yet but I definitely will, thanks for making it.

Does it support custom wordlists? Might be handy for non-native English speakers.
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Old 01 October 2022, 12:01   #6
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Absolutely fantastic! Love word puzzles, will grab this and check it out as soon as is possible. Cheers E-Penguin!
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Old 01 October 2022, 15:44   #7

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Looks nice! Can you add keyboard input like the official version?
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Old 01 October 2022, 18:56   #8

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Yup I'll add keyboard controls in the next version.

Custom word lists are certainly possible but I'm not sure best how to manage different international keyboards. I'll have a think...
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