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Help with PCMCIA Network card

Coming here to post is actually a last resort, I've actually spent the past 2 or 3 days tinkering on and off trying to get it to work.

I purchased an "Amiga Network Transfer Kit" from EBay. It came with a PCMCIA network card, and boot floppy, also with a PC disk for the software on the other end for creating an FTP server for sending files.

So I plugged my new network card into my Amiga 1200, boot from the floppy, and it freezes while loading...

I contacted the seller, who told me it worked fine on his Amiga 600. So I got my mums old Amiga 600 out of the attic, and sure enough, it loaded fine. I then changed the settings of Amiga Explorer to work with TCP/IP, and used it to send a few files both ways.

so there, it works fine on my Amiga 600, but not my Amiga 1200.

After a little further experimentation, I actually found that the Amiga 1200 does load fine with the boot disk, and the PCMCIA network card plugged in, the problem only occurs if the network cable is plugged in. This include being plugged in from the start, crashing while loading up, or plugged in later, crashing a couple of seconds after being plugged in.

Can anyone help me trouble shoot it?

A few peices of important information:
A600 Kickstart 37.300 (2.0). it also has a 1MB RAM extention and internal Hard drive.
A1200 Kickstart 40.68 (3.1). it has an A1230 and 32MB installed, and a hard drive too.
Network card: Netgear FA411
AmiTCP/IP 4.0 Demo. cnet.device driver file.

I copied the boot disk, and made a few changes, Changing the language to English instead of German, adding CardPatch and CardReset as recomended by some trouble shooting I read on these forums, and also removed the FTP client from the disk, replacing it with the Amiga Explorer client instead.

Disk image is here as an ADF file, Ripped from my costomised disk using Amiga Explorer. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/48426014/NetworkDisk.adf

Hopefully this should be everything you need to assist me.

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Rather random reading lead me here: http://www.g-mb.de/pcmcia_e.html

I read this:
Regarding the 100 MBit Ethernet cards you could generally say that they stay far away from the theoretical maximum speed and in practice only reach about 11 MBit. This limitation is not caused by the Amiga. But often they use up less CPU power than comparable 10 MBit cards and usually require the cnet16.device
So I downloaded the entire cnet package from that site, and used cnet16.device instead of cnet.device, and it worked in my A1200!!!

now I'm modifying my boot disks, to see if the update also works in the A600, but I think I'm sorted for now.

Unfortunately, the A600 gets an error when using cnet16.device, where cnet.device works fine.

Not really a problem if i were to install it on the hard drives, but it makes it awkward to make a boot disk.

is there some kind of hardware check I can add in the startnet script file to use a different device depending on the machine?
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Another problem...
I installed AmiTCP4 on my hard drive
If I add startnet to my user-startup file, the AmigaDOS window doesn't close.
If I instead run it manually from shell, shell won't close.
Any ideas?
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