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Old 08 January 2022, 19:34   #3881
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I think that we talk at cross purposes now ... Sorry, I should better have quoted your first statement before to make clear what I'm referring to.
This glitch reappeared at some point... and NoDelayedImage2 no longer works...
I can't reproduce this with P96 v2 and my settings.
I have no dot images for the hidden icons here with P96 v2.x and WB 45.194 or 45.132, but you said that you have P96 v3.x.
I will check that with your P96 settings soon, which look quite different to my config. Still couldn't reproduce the dot images yet. Btw, you cannot get these dot images with the latest TC020 build #559 on WB v44+ and P96 as shown on your old screenshot, because you would get gray or striped rectangles instead, dots only without P96. So, what kind of other glitches did you have or is it an old icon.library?

The second point was clear already: the missing checkered transparency under the mouse pointer on TrueColor screens. Ok.

But I just noticed another old bug (since #408) in the color inversion of selected old icons with only one image, the blue gets lost.

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Old 13 January 2022, 20:19   #3882
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Another small update for TC020 and FastWB to 51.4.560:
 In order to reduce the amount of data that has to be
 transferred between the CPU and the gfx-card over the
 slow Zorro bus, the rectangles of TrueColor images are
 made as small as possible by removing the outer parts,
 which are nearly 100 % transparent, when alpha is 0-2. 
 This was already implemented for ColorIcons on RTG.
 Maybe the icon dragging and scrolling are becoming a
 little bit smoother on slow systems with gfx-cards?

 On OS 3.2+ it's recommended to use TC020. The FastWB
 version can avoid some useless refreshes on WB v44-45.

 "Tricky DragĀ°n" is still WIP. All Feedback is welcome.
I've got two emails from you, but all my replies are blocked or rejected again. Maybe this update can improve the dragging on P96 a bit, especially on Zorro II systems, but you should also check your P96 settings. You also have a PM as reply to your first email.

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Old 15 January 2022, 01:43   #3883
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Sorry, I just noticed in some tests that I made a stupid last minute bug in #560 when I finally removed some instructions from the code, which has the effect that the optimization doesn't work anymore as it did before. Now, I will check the code carefully before I update it again.
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