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Marble Madness - Soft kicked A1000 w/256MB of RAM.
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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
Marble Madness - Soft kicked A1000 w/256MB of RAM.
Is there a hard kicked A1000?
(maybe there is I don't know)

(BTW I think I saw Marble Madness first time exactly like that. But it wasn't the first game I witnessed I think)
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Not sure which one was actually the first...but the first time I played games on an Amiga at my friend's home we played Blood Money, Defender of the Crown and Ports of Call....so these 3 games will always have a special place in my memories...
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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
Marble Madness - Soft kicked A1000 w/256MB of RAM.
"Marble Madness Ultra HD Edition"? Seeing it required 256 MegaBytes(!) of RAM
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One of my first memories of an Amiga game was walking into town into my computer shop that I went to regularly, and seeing an A500 showing a Shadow of the Beast 2 demo or something. The thing that struck me was the big, grandiose church organ theme that blasted from the monitor, and I'm puzzled that I've never been able to find it since.

Was it my imagination or not?
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For fun I read the whole thread once again, and conclusion is the importance of Cinemaware and Psygnosis in making Amiga what it became
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Red Heat

u(°_°U) ~~~begins to sweat nervously, has to take shirt off*
((. Y . ) )

When I bought my Amiga 500 it came in the original box and the previous owner included a couple of disks. F/A-18 Interceptor, Oil Imperium, and Red Heat. It's a rev6A with late '88 datecodes, and since I got it around '90 maybe the seller wasn't too impressed by Red Heat as the machine was passed on so quickly. Thankfully it didn't have the same effect on me and I ventured forth, finding joy in hobby gamedev, and Red Heat was forgotten... until now~
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I saw this on my cousins 500 and it was love at first sight ...

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Mine was Marble Madness on my Amiga 1000 as well. Man, that brings back the memories.
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For me, it all started with The Great Giana Sisters when my uncle brought along this new and fascinating computer tech called an "Amiga 500", some time in the late 80's

And when Turrican released, omg ... I couldn't let go! haha
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Was probably Blood Money. Was a long time ago…
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First game(s) i saw was when round a mates house whom had not long had an A500.
Silkworm & Sword of Sodan.
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"Shadow of the beast" and "Batman the movie"
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I think mine was Enter the Dragon or Way of the Fist or something like that.
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Originally Posted by rhotax View Post
"Shadow of the beast" and "Batman the movie"
A very pretty game and a pretty and fun game, you can definitely do worse as a first impression
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