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Any chance for Amiga Classic port with Vampire accelerator or Standalone?
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No, sorry, the 5 different systems BOH runs on are already too many, and allow practically everyone to enjoy the game already. But there are also many other reasons that I can't afford to discuss. I trust in your understanding.
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Lately work has been done in parallel on all the RETREAM games. It began with the objective of aligning the technically similar ones for PC so that they would handle data saving the same way, but it soon went out of control and brought uniformity and improvements to the installers, the documentation, the web pages and even to code and internal files - and, just as importantly, it brought new features as well!

After Blastaway, Huenison and KOG, BOH got updated as well.

Download: https://retream.itch.io/boh / https://www.retream.com/BOH

* Re-added joypad thumbsticks support, as at times Windows treats D-pads as thumbsticks.
* Added internal graphics screenshot function (assigned to [F1]; the visible graphics are now captured with [F2] and themes are cycled with [F3]).
* Reworked assignments of the kind *p++ = ... *p ... (as they are miscompiled by some versions of gcc).
* Worked on (registration for) records submission to the online standings: fixed server side issues and added SITE.PORT configuration option for future use; improved information/instructions for the registration procedure; disabled registration procedure when SDL_net is not initialized.
* Optimized static strings definitions.
* Simplified data files access code.
* Moved configuration and missions directory to the program's.
* Replaced version string with an AmigaOS-style one.
* Updated/improved user's manual, developer's manual and soundtrack booklet.
* Made various other minor changes.
* Made installers preserve the submission status of records, so that those that had already been submitted will not be submitted again after a re-installation/update.
* Added to Windows installers code to clean up leftovers.
* Added portable version for Windows.
* Dropped support for Linux and MacOS (maintaining those version can no longer be afforded; moreover, MacOS dropped 32-bit applications support a long time ago; anyway, the Windows version of BOH, since the very beginning, has always been working perfectly under Wine, and now it is even easier to run BOH thanks to the portable version).
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wow thanks yet again! will update my hard copy today and this gives me inspiration to get back to work on my new mission that I started a few years ago
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Glad to know BOH is for you also a source of inspiration
BTW; I didn't know/remember you were working on a mission.
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