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Stack available

My program uses a lot of small images and requires a larger stack size. I know how to check the total stack size
Is there a way to check how much is available/used?

I open my program, load the images, do whatever, check how much stack is used/available to determine if I need to set a larger stack in case down the road I load more images, variables, etc.

I don't want to just set a random high stack size if I don't really need to. But also don't want it too low.
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UBYTE *get_current_stack_pointer (void)
UBYTE dummy;
return (&dummy);

struct Task *mytask = FindTask(NULL);
used_stack = (UBYTE *)mytask->tc_SPUpper - get_current_stack_pointer();

However, I strongly doubt that you really have a dynamic change of stack size requirements. Required stack mostly depends on the number of nested subroutine calls and the number of arguments and local variables of these subroutines. The maximum number of nesting subroutines usually only depends on the design of your program and not on the incoming data. Only if your subroutines call themselves recursively, then the nesting depth is dependent on the data.

There are stack snoop programs on Aminet. They run your program and when it ends they tell you how much stack it used at most. Depending on this value you can set a static size for the stack at the beginning of your program.

Note that you cannot change the stack size while you already use the stack. The StackSwap routine gives you a completely new (empty) stack. You cannot even exit the routine which called StackSwap without swapping it back to the old stack.
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I use StackAttack to see how much stack is being used...
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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
I use StackAttack to see how much stack is being used...
So if I use StackAttack from the s-s I don't need to use an Stack command with a size to run any program?
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I like StackSnoop. Does what I was looking for in a nice visual manner. I am using less stack than what I thought.
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