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Games supporting 2 (ie. independent) fire buttons?

As its title doesn't indicate, the aim of this thread is to try and catalog Amiga games with MULTI-buttons support as /exhaustively/ as possible! Which means not limiting to ANY criteria, like "2 buttons support" (3, or indeed even 4 buttons support also exist and is of equal interest), "Native/original support" (WHDLoad or any late mod/hacks are referenced too — WHDL in fact forms the vast majority of multi-buttons controller support, along with CD32 versions).
So any kind of patch, Amiga config, or controller is relevant (specifics will of course be stated). The point here is not historical accuracy or anything, but to list what games can actually be experienced with more than the traditional single button gameplay TODAY.

Only exception to this I can think of, and would personally tend to acknowledge as legitimate, being: "Original hardware only"! Meaning any game listed should support multi-buttons on a REAL Amiga machine. After all, provided your controller is properly handled by the OS, WinUAE allows to remap any of your user input devices buttons to perform any given function(s) a particular game provides — regardless of what controllers that game itself supports.
In practice this extensive, flexible (and absolutely brilliant!) remapping feature means any Amiga game under WinUAE emulation can ALREADY support any controller, and have its function(s) handled any way the player likes, with only a minimum of fiddling around with the interface (and the notions of physical/logical/virtual/emulated/etc. control).
Therefore, what benefit multi-buttons support feature for any game provides is only 2 things: 1- No need to even bother with remapping anything when playing under WinUAE, but much more importantly 2- experiencing a game with more than the usual one button on our real beloved machine!

As a follow-up of sorts to this thread, it seemed like a good idea to come ask the community's help in listing as many Amiga games as possible with support for more than 1 button.
So here we go folks: if you know of any particular game(s) fitting that bill, please share your valuable knowledge below!

(Note: some indications on how to properly read the list to be found at the end)

[5th of december 2022 — 34 months since last update! Life got a wee bit in the way...]
Not quite up to date list yet (in progress — see notes), collecting all the names submitted to this thread so far:
1943 (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Roll)
After the War (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Kick)
Agony (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Choose spells)
Aladdin (2 buttons support; WHDL: 3 buttons, CD32 pad support)
Alien 3 (2nd=Jump, Down=Change weapons)
Alien Bash 2 (2nd/Blue=Change weapons)
Alien Breed (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Access Intex, Green=Switch weapon, Yellow=Holo-map, Play=Pause; CD32 pad: ?=Switch Weapon/Pause, Yellow=Open Map, Fwd+Rev=Quit to WB)
Alien Breed—Tower Assault (CD32 pad support)
Alien Breed II—The Horror Continues
Alien Breed 3D (CD32 vers. only?)
Alien Breed 3D II—The Killing Grounds (CD32 pad support)
Alien Fish Finger (2nd/Blue=Jump — v1.30+ only)
All Terrain Racing (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Brake, Green=Fire, Play=Pause)
Apano Sin (2nd/Blue=Swap ship position, 3rd=Smartbomb, 1st+3rd=Freeze/Slow down, 1st+2nd=Eject capsule (when ship is damaged))
Apidya (2nd/Blue=Choose weapons)
Apprentice (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Green=Send small apprentice, Yellow=Inventory)
Arabian Nights (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Yellow=Inventory, Play=Pause; CD32: 3 Assignable actions: Attack, Inventory On/Off, Jump)
Arcade Missile Command (3 buttons mouse support — each one missile fire direction)
Assassin (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Assassin Special Edition (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Astro Marine Corps (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Throw grenades)
Atomic Robo-Kid (2nd=Select weapons)
ATR—All Terrain Racing (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Brake, Green=Fire, Play=Pause)
Les Aventures de Moktar (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
B.C. Kid (2nd/Blue=Jump)
(Bad Dudes Vs) Dragon Ninja (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump & spinning kick (with direction) — when 2nd button enabled)
Badlands (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Fire Bullets/Missiles)
Banshee (2nd/Blue=Loop/Shield)
Barabarian II (WHDL: 2nd=Jump, Yellow/Green=Browse inventory & Pick-up item)
Base Jumpers (All _except_ CD32: 2nd/Blue=Bonus points — when pressed a few times)
Battle Squadron (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Nova bomb)
Black Viper
Blake Stone—Aliens of Gold
Blake Stone—Planet Strike
Blastar [Core] (2nd/Blue=Smart bomb)
Blood (CD32/PSX (with special interface) pad support)
Blues Brothers (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Brutal Sports Football (?)
Bubble and Squeak
Bubble Bobble (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Play=Pause, Fwd+Rev=Quit)
Bump'n'Burn [CD32] (CD32 pad support)
Cabal (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Grenades (remap); CD32 pad: Play=Pause)
Cadaver (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Show current object, 3rd/Green=Inventory, Yellow=Display/Hide object in hand, Fwd=Map)
Carlos (WHDL: 2nd=Jump)
Catacomb 3D: Descent
Catacomb: Abyss
Catacomb: Armageddon
Catacomb: Apocalypse
Cedric (Standard: 2nd=Status options; WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Green=Status options)
Celtic Heart
Chaos Engine (WHDL ECS/AGA Disk vers.: Red (short)=Fire / (long)=Special weapon, Blue=Swap weapon, Green=Select special weapon (current player/player 1), Yellow=Select special weapon (CPU), Play=Pause, Both shoulders+Yellow (player 1)=Quit current game, Both shoulders+Green (player 1)=Quit to WB (during game); CD32 vers.: Red=Fire, Blue=Special weapon, Green+Yellow=Swap weapon, Green=Select special weapon (current player/player 1), Yellow=Select special weapon (CPU), Play=Pause, Blue+Yellow+Green (when paused)=Quit)
Chaos Engine 2 (WHDL: CD32 pad support)
Chase HQ II—Special Criminal Investigation (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Turbo)
Chuck Rock II (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Play=Pause, Fwd+Rev=Quit)
Commando (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Throw grenades (remaped; Original: Fire button long press)
Cool Spot (2nd/Blue=Jump)
Cosmic Spacehead (2nd/Blue=Change option in adventure parts)
Count Duckula II (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Crackdown (WHDL: CD32 pad support)
Crazy Cars III (2nd/Blue=Turbo boost, Green=Toggle night vision (on some races), Play=Pause)
Crossfire II
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (WHDL)
Cyber World (2nd/Blue=Manipulate items)
Cyberpunks (WHDL: Blue=Change character, Yellow=Use item, Green+direction=Select item, Play=Pause)
Cybernoid (Green=Special weapon, Fwd/Rev=Cycle special weapon up/down, Play=Pause)
Cybernoid II—The Revenge (Green=Special weapon, Fwd/Rev=Cycle special weapon up/down, Play=Pause)
D/Generation (CD32 only)
Damage (WHDL; CD32 pad support)
Darkmere (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Menu, Play=Pause)
Datastorm (2nd/Blue=Activate shield; WHDL: 3rd/Green=Drop smartbomb, Play=Pause)
Death Mask (CD32: 2 buttons=Side stepping/Turning)
Deep Core (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump/Elevator up, Green=Enter door, Play=Pause)
Deliverance (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Deluxe Galaga (CD32 pad support)
Descent—Freespace (CD32/PSX (with special interface) pad support)
Desert Strike (2nd=Change weapon)
Dizzy—Prince of the Yolkfolk (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Devil's Temple—Son of the KungFu Master (2 buttons required! 1st/Red=Kick, 2nd/Blue=Punch)
Dogs of War (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Change weapon, 3rd/Green=Toggle auto/manual fire (when available), Play=Pause)
Doodlebug (WHDL: 2nd=Jump)
Doom II
Double Agent (2nd=Fire shotgun)
Dyna Blaster (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Detonator, Play=pause)
Exile AGA (CD32 pad support)
Fantastic Dizzy AGA (WHDL; CD32 pad: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Fwd=Inventory info, Rev=Load/Save menu, Play=Pause)
FIFA International Soccer
Fightin' Spirit
Fire and Ice (3 buttons support)
Fire and Brimstone (WHDL: CD32 pad support)
Fire Force (CD32 vers. only)
First Samurai (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=jump, Yellow=Activate bell, Play=Pause)
Flimbo's Quest (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Flink (CD32 pad (required): Red=Jump, Blue=Action, Yellow=Cast spell, Green=50/60Hz display (NTSC/PAL), Play=Spell selection menu)
Flying Shark SE (2nd/Blue=Bomb)
Football Glory
Forest Dumb Forever (WHDL: CD32 pad support)
Formula 1 Grand Prix
Ghosts'n'Goblins (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Giana II—Future World [Hard'n'Heavy hack] (2nd/Blue=Jump)
Giana Sisters Special Edition (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Glamorous Zombie Flakes (3 buttons & CD32 standard control support)
Global Gladiators (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Globdule (WHDL: Blue=Switch item, Play=Pause/Resume)
Gloom Deluxe
Gods (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Play=Pause)
Golden Axe (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Use magic, Green=Music On/Off, Play=Pause, Green (when paused)=Abort)
Gotcha (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Gravity Force (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Fire Bullets)
The Great Giana Sisters (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Green Beret (2nd=Jump)
Guardian (Blue=Launch missile, Red=Fire laser, Green=Flip, Yellow=Drop smartbomb, Fwd/Rev=Thrust/Back, Play=Options)
GunBee F99 (2nd/Blue=Drop bombs)
Hawkeye (WHDL: Yellow=Jump, Fwd/Rev=Browse weapons, Play=Pause)
Heart of the Alien
Heretic II (CD32/PSX (with special interface) pad support)
Heroes of the Lance (WHDL: 2nd=Access menu)
Hired Guns (Non-standard! 4 buttons support)
Hybris (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Smart bomb, 3rd/Green=Expand ship, Play=Pause)
Hydra Castle Labyrinth (CD32 pad support — extensive)
The Immortal (WHDL/CD32 pad: 2nd/Blue=Pause/Select Item, Fwd/Rev=Set preset passwords ("Enter certificate" screen), Yellow=Enter CUSTOM certificate (if present), Green=Music on/off)
Incredible Crash Dummies (? — according to sticker on box cover)
Insects in Space (2nd=Smart bomb)
JetStrike (All vers.: 2nd=U-undercarriage up/down (reassignable); CD32 pad support — extensive (all keyboard actions mapped to pad), cf. manual)
Jim Power (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Play=Pause)
Joe & Mac—Caveman Ninja
John Madden American Football
Jungle Strike
Keen Dreams (2nd/Blue=Jump)
Kick Off 3 (2nd/Blue — required=?)
Kick Off 3—European Challenge
Leander (2nd/Blue=Jump)
Legacy (CD32 pad support — all buttons, remapping available)
Lethal Weapon (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Lionheart (2nd/Blue=Jump)
Liquid Kids (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Litil Divil (Joystick/CD32 pad: 1st/Red=Jump/Attack, 2nd/Blue=Inventory/Use item, 1st+2nd/Yellow=Game menu (Load/Save, Replay level, Quit)
Lollypop (2nd+3rd=Take picture)
The Lost Vikings (CD32: Blue/Red=Primary/Secondary action, Yellow=Choose item, Fwd=Use item, Green=Activate, Rev=Change viking)
Magic Johnson's Fast Break (WHDL: 2 buttons support)
Magic Pockets (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Magica (2nd=Jump)
Marvin's Marvellous Adventure (CD32 pad _required_)
McDonald Land (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Play=Pause)
Mean Arenas (CD32 only: 2nd/Blue=Bomb)
Mega Twins (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Fire mega weapons)
Mega Typhoon (2nd/Blue=Smart bomb)
Mercs (2nd=Mega bomb)
Metal Gear (CD32 pad support)
Metal Law (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Metro-Cross (WHDL, CD32 pad support: 2nd/Blue=Jump (additional! 1st/Red=Jump in normal vers.), Play=Pause)
Miami Chase (WHDL, CD32 pad support: Play=Pause, Green=Escape, 2nd/Blue=Show Map)
Midnight Resistance (WHDL)
Missiles Over Xerion (WHDL: 1st/Red=Fire, any other button (including Play)=Function key. Right mouse button=Pause)
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat 2
Mr Nuts
Myth (WHDL: Blue=Select weapon (Standard)/Jump (CUSTOM2), Green=Select weapon (CUSTOM2), Fwd=Next weapon, Rev=Previous weapon, Play=Pause; CD32 vers.: Fwd/Rev=Browse weapon inventory, Blue=Select weapon)
Nathan Never (CD32 pad support)
New Zealand Story (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Play=Pause)
Nigel Mansell's World Championship
NightBreed (1st/2nd/Blue=Run)
Ninja Mission [Arcadia]
Ninja Warriors (WHDL /2 buttons joystick modes/: 1st=Use Knife, 2nd=Throw shuriken)
North & South (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Select Unit; CD32 pad/joystick control for both players)
Operation Harrier (WHDL: Blue=Drop bomb, Green=switch weapons, Yellow=Switch bombs, Play=Display map, Fwd=Lower down, Rev to climb, Play+Rev=Initiate landing, Play+Fwd=Abort landing)
Paramax (WHDL: 2nd=Jump)
The Paranoia Complex (2nd/Blue=Manipulate items)
Parasol Stars (WHDL, CD32 pad support: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Payback (CD32 & PSX (with special interface) pad support)
Pegasus (WHDL)
Pierre le Chef is... Out to Lunch (Disk vers. (2 buttons option): 1st=Net, 2nd=Weapon; CD32 vers.: Red=Jump, Green/Reverse=Net, Blue/Fwd=Weapon)
Pinball Dreams (WHDL: CD32 pad support)
Pinball Fantasies (CD32 pad support)
Pinball Mania (WHDL: CD32 pad support)
Pirates! Gold (CD32 pad _required_)
PowerSlave (CD32/PSX (with special interface) pad support)
Powerglove Reloaded (2nd/Blue=Jump)
Premiere (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Play=Pause, Fwd+Rev=Quit [Esc])
Primal Rage (2 buttons Option: 1st=Normal Moves, 2nd=Special Moves)
Prince of Persia (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, 3rd/Play=Pause)
Project X (2nd/Blue=Choose weapons)
Puggsy (WHDL: 1st/Red=Action, 2nd/Blue=Jump (Controls 2) / Use object (controls 1), Green=Use/Activate object (controls 2 only), Yellow=Show bosses, Rev=Show passwords, Play=Pause)
Putty Squad (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, 3rd/Yellow=Inflate, Fwd/Rev=Select item, Play=Pause, 6 digits instead of 5=Score counter)
Quake II (CD32/PSX (with special interface) pad support)
Quasar Wars (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Secondary weapon, Fwd/Rev=Choose secondary weapon, Green=Drop rear bomb, Yellow=Launch flare, Play=Pause)
Quik the Thunder Rabbit (WHDL/CD32: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
R-Type (2nd/Blue=Launch/Recall module)
R-Type 2 (2nd/Blue=Launch/Recall module)
Rackney's Island (WHDL: 2nd=Jump)
Raffles (WHDL: Blue=Pull/Back, Yellow=Pick up, Green=Drop, Play=Pause)
Raid Over Moscow (2nd=Open hangar door (space station), Fwd/Rev=Adjust aim (reactor room))
Rainbow Islands (WHDL: 1st/2nd/Blue=Jump)
Reshoot R (2nd/Blue=Pause)
Rally Championships (2 buttons support)
Risky Woods (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Road Avenger (CD32 pad support)
Road Rash (WHDL: CD32 pad support)
Roadkill (Green=launch missile/rocket)
Robocop (2nd=Jump)
Rolling Thunder (WHDL: CD32 pad support; 2nd/Blue=Short jump, Yellow=Big jump / Change platform level)
Rubicon (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Ruff'n'Tumble (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Ruffian (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Yellow=Special shot)
RVF Honda (WHDL: 2nd pad/Blue=Accelerate)
Rygar (2nd/Blue=Jump)
Sarcophaser (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Choose weapons)
Scramble 500 (Disk vers.: 2nd=Bomb, 3rd=Pause; CD32 pad support)
Second Samurai (WHDL: Blue=Select weapon, Green=Jump, Yellow=Display help, Fwd/Rev=Set music volume, Play=Pause)
Seven Gates of Jambala (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Shadow Dancer (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Use Magic)
Shadow Fighter (CD32 vers. only)
Shadow of the Beast (WHDL: 2 buttons and CD32 pad support)
Shadow of the Beast 3 (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Weapon Change, 3rd=?)
Shadow of the Beast II (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Green=Offer item, Yellow=Display score, Rev/Fwd=Select item, Play=Talk)
Shadow Warrior (CD32 pad support)
Shaq Fu
Shinobi (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Trigger "Banzai")
Shogo—Mobile Armor Division (CD32/PSX (with special interface) pad support)
Silkworm (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jeep; CD32 pad: Pause, Quit, Abort game)
Skeleton Krew
SkillGrid (2nd/Blue=Pause/menu/quit (when paused))
Sky High Stuntman (2nd=Bomb)
Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Play=Pause)
Snow Bros
Soccer Kid (CD32 only: Blue=Jump)
Solomon's Key (2nd/Blue=Fireball)
Solomon's Key 2 (2nd/Blue=Retry level / Level Selection Options)
Space Gun (Joystick control mode: 2nd/Blue=Change ammo type)
The Speris Legacy (Blue=Pick up/Use items, Red=Action, Green=Inventory, Fwd/Rev=Cycle through weapons, Yellow+Fwd/Rev=Cycle through items, Play=Pause)
Spherical Worlds (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Launch rockets)
Sqrxz (2nd/blue=Pause)
Sqrxz 2 (1st=Pause Game, 2nd=Jump)
Sqrxz 2010/Remake (1st=Pause Game, 2nd=Jump)
Sqrxz 3 (1st=Pause Game/Jump, 2nd=Jump/Pause Game)
Sqrxz 4 (1st=Pause Game/Jump, 2nd=Jump/Pause Game)
Star Defender
Stardust (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Access Weapon Menu)
Starray (WHDL & CD32 vers. pad support: 2nd/Blue=Bomb)
Stormlord (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Street Fighter II
Street Racer (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Custom cup options, Play=Pause, Fwd+Rev+Play=Quit to WB)
Super Cars II (WHDL: Blue=Front weapon, Green=Rear weapon, Play=Pause)
Super Cauldron (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Yellow=Inventory, Play=Pause)
Super Methane Bros (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Super Obliteration
Super Skidmarks (2nd=Klaxon)
Super Stardust (WHDL; CD32 pad support on Standard/Floppy vers.)
Super Street Fighter II
Super Street Fighter II DX (CD32 pad for arcade/console 3x punch + 3x kick moves system, Play=Pause)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (CD32 pad support)
Superfrog (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Play=Pause, Fwd+Rev=Quit [Esc]; CD32: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
SVIW (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump Buggy)
Switchblade II (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, 3rd/Yellow=High jump, Play=Pause)
Tales from Heaven (1st=Jump, 2nd/Blue=Set Dynamite)
Thexder (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Activate Shield)
Tiger Claw (2nd/Blue=Jump)
Tiger's Bane (CD32 pad: Blue=Right weapon, Red=Down weapon (usually guns), Green=Left weapon, Yellow=Up weapon, Rev=Turning, Fwd=Evasive, Fwd+Rev=Eject, Play=Pause)
Tin Toy Adventure (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Play=Pause)
Tiny Bobble (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Play=Pause)
Tinyus (2nd=Activate power-ups)
Titus the Fox (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Toki (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump)
Tony & Friends In Kellogg's Land
Top Gear 2 (CD32 only)
Total Football
Trap Runner (1st/2nd=Jump)
Treasure Island Dizzy (WHDL: Blue=Jump, Play=Pause)
Treasure Trap (WHDL, CD32 pad: 1st/Red=Jump, 2nd/Blue=Pickup/Drop, Green=Smart fish, Yellow=Display Map)
Turrican (WHDL: Blue=Flash (standard)/Jump (if enabled), Green=Flash, Yellow=Shoot grenade, Down+Blue/Green=Gyroscope, Play=Pause)
Turrican II
Turrican 3
Twin World (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Yellow=Switch weapon, Green=Call merchant, Play=Pause, Fwd+Rev=Lose life, Yellow+Fwd+Rev=Give up, Green+Yellow+Fwd+Rev=Quit to WB)
Ugh! (WHDL: CD32 pad support)
Untouchables SE (CD32 pad support)
Uropa 2 (CD32 pad support)
Video Kid (WHDL: Blue=Bomb, Play=Pause)
Virtual GP (2nd/Blue=Brake (automatic gear mode))
Voodoo Nightmare (2nd=Inventory)
Watchtower (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Grenades; CD32 pad: Pause/Quit/Quit to WB)
Wild Streets (WHDL: 2nd=Shoot)
Wing Commander (CD32 only)
Wipeout 2097 (CD32 pad support)
Wiz—Quest for the Magic Lantern (2nd/Blue=Jump, Green=Select spell)
Wizkid—The Story Of Wizball II  (2nd=Jump)
Wolfchild (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Play=Pause)
Wonderboy in Monsterland SE (2nd/Blue=Jump, Down=Enter doors, Down (held)=Look down)
Wonderdog (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Play=Pause, Fwd+Rev=Quit)
Wonderdog SE (2nd/Blue=Jump)
Woodys World (2nd/Blue=Jump)
Worms—Director's Cut (CD32 pad support)
X-Out (2nd/Blue=Additional weapon)
Xtreme Racing
Yo! Joe! (2nd/Blue=Jump; WHDL: Activate/deactivate 2nd button option)
Z-Out (2nd/Blue=Launch/Recall module)
Ziriax (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Weapon Selection)
Ziriax—Ultimate Edition (2nd/blue=Select weapon)
Zool (WHDL: 2nd/Blue=Jump, Play=Pause)
- Was 196 entries. 118 added, current total: 314
- "CD32 only" refers to game version (which can be played on other hardware — typically A1200), not console.
- The CD32 pad should work on all Amiga models.
- Even games only supporting 1/2 buttons usually read a 3rd same as [PLAY] on the CD32 pad (many map it to "Pause" by default). This is most likely due to the output being the same as both the CD32 pad [PLAY] button and the middle mouse button on Amiga.

Some links of interest:
Solo Kazuki's page on polish PPA website. His list is still currently more comprehensive than the one here on EAB. I'll be working to catch up in the following weeks though.
Solo Kazuki contributed at the very least triple as much as anyone else to make this list grow and reach its current length! Much kudos to him for it!
GoogleDocs Page List includes info from this thread.
This page uses the above list (or at least an old and very incomplete version thereof) -- very useful wiki tutorial to mod your classic 2/multi physical buttons digital joystick(s) into 2 logical buttons one!
JoyPortTest (AmiNet)

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Turrican 1-3
Bubble and Squeak
Fire and Ice
BC Kid

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Nice list for a start (all are pretty excellent games too!).

Was never aware that any of the Turrican games did propose the support!!! (Even though I owned a couple of 2 button sticks back in the days). I'll try that ASAP in WinUAE!! thx for the tip R-N!

(EDIT: Ok, after trying it again with 2 buttons mapped in WUAE I realized I _was_ aware of the support in Turrican! ^^ I just forgot about it though...)

Any others, people?

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Skeleton Krew
Alien Breed 2
Alien Breed Tower Assault
Bubba'n Stick
(A lot of Core games)
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I like Core. Twas always a favourite company of mine as I enjoyed many of their products and thought they often proved very well done in terms of production and gameplay. I never realized the 2 buttons support was a common feature of their games though.
Here's one more reason for me to praise them I guess! ^^
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Originally Posted by frikilokooo View Post
Are we counting Patched WHDload installs or just out of the Box?

Mortal Kombat 1+2
Rtype 1+2
Cool Spot

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I can not remember if Agony originally used 2 buttons,very bad if Agony didn't do that.
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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Are we counting Patched WHDload installs or just out of the Box?
I suppose both (at least my interest in asking the question was more about ideas of what games to play than purely /historical/). Although if you can remember which is which you might as well put it as a sidenote...

Thanks for your contributing BTW! That the original R-Type did support this comes once again as a total surprise to me... I got my 2 separate buttons joysticks rather late and I guess I just skipped playing many among the older games of my collection using them.
Never too late to fix that though!
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Desert Strike WHDLoad version dose, can`t remember if original dose too
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Great Giana Sisters.
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Giana sisters, really?
Could you be more specific? I can't even start to figure out what the 2nd button could be used for...
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Originally Posted by SunChild View Post
Could you be more specific?
- 2nd button supported (to jump)
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Right, Thx CyberDruid. That refered to the WHDLoad version again (I still don't have the reflex to try these, ha ha).

Mmmh, technically this is 2nd button support indeed, albeit not a very exciting one (AFAI'm concerned) since it maps an action (jump) already available anyway with the UP direction on the stick.
That may be of interest for console gamers. I've personally always hated using a button to jump in any game (and invariably remap this function to UP direction where available), it just doesn't feel as much natural as merely pushing the stick up to perform.
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Found another...

Apparently Puggsy (platformer from Psygnosis) not only supports 2 buttons but they are indeed required to play it properly.
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A few more: Football Glory,Virocop,Xtreme Racing,Mega Typhoon,Battle Scuadron.
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Another question: What Amiga-compatible joysticks have two independent mouse buttons?
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Originally Posted by Lion View Post
Another question: What Amiga-compatible joysticks have two independent mouse buttons?
This one http://segaretro.org/File:QS128F.jpg

But any Master, Mega Drive, or CD32 controller would do as well.
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The one I use here is switchable between 1 and 2 button modes.

It's the QuickShot Python and it has a turbo-fire switch too. There's a love/hate thread about them here on EAB, but I can't see anything wrong with the ones I have, I own four of them and they all work perfectly and feel great to handle.

Here's the thread about them: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=37133

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Originally Posted by slk486 View Post
But any Master, Mega Drive, or CD32 controller would do as well.
All don't work with two buttons,those that I have none works with two buttons.

CD32 controller works of course.
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Originally Posted by frikilokooo View Post
All don't work with two buttons,those that I have none works with two buttons.

CD32 controller works of course.
Oh, my bad. I remember using my Mega Drive Arcade stick with a few Amiga games, that supported 2 buttons, but was probably more luck, than anything else, then
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