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Amiga OS 4.0 Screenshots


Looks nice, don't forget you can change the look if you don't like it.

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Amiga OS

I like the look but there again I have always liked the OS anyhow

Thanks for the info
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Saw that one recently, it looks pretty!
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Rewritten from the ground up, perhaps?

Bill Mac on the site: "Most of the work that has been going on 'under the hood' of Intuition can't be seen here..."

OS4 will incorporate features that OS3.9 ain't got without third party hacks. I won't have to use MagicMenu to achieve gorgeous transluscent menus, for one thing.

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What's different from the current OS apart from the rounded corners for the context-menu?
Complete configurability without the need for any 3rd party patches.

Basically, they're including Birdie, VisualPrefs and Magic Menu into the OS while adding further configurability (have a closer look at the screenshots and you'll see that you can even select background patterns for scroll gagdets).

The GUI will be completely skinnable, but that funtionality may not be ready for OS4.0, it will probably be implemented in a BoingBag or OS4.1.
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Hittin' the hardware...

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Well, an Amiga OS without hacks is heading in the right direction. i.e. just to say what a "standard" set up is. I mean, I have practically no idea of what's happened since around 1995 after never moving forward from a vanilla Workbench 2 on a 600! So, this is all good.

Screenshots look a bit bland but when people have the chance to create their own skins, who knows...
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Fred the Fop
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Well I hope one can skin it and customize it. those screenshots are absolutely awful, bland and amateurish.
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Old 24 April 2002, 01:36   #8
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That may be, but you have to read the disclaimer:
These screenshots are very preliminary and must not - by any means - be considered as the definitive appearance of the AmigaOS 4.0 GUI. Work is still in progress, and a lot of improvements are being added, including the user's ability to configure almost everything.


What you see here are just a few elements which might, or might not, become part of the "default" AmigaOS look. More importantly, you can see some (admittedly small) examples of the kind of configurability which is being introduced at all levels of Intuition.

In the coming weeks more screenshots will be made available, which will show further enhancements to the default appearance, as well as some more advanced configuration features.

In the end, it is you that will decide what your AmigaOS 4.0 looks like...
I like what I see in that the possibilities are surfacing - the ability to customize it all to your own liking.
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Yes, remember os 3.1 is 4 colors by default
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Fred the Fop
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Burseg, your setup, the piscs of which you have posted here, is what one should make as an example of customization. Gorgeous!
In any case, I am very much interested in Amiga OS 4. I am an individualist, and wonder if maybe Amige DE or whatever it is called is the way to go?
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When I hear "Skinnable", I relate to "Windows XP", therefore ---> bloatware.

I hope they keep the size of the OS as small as possible, as it is now.

What platform is this for? clasic amiga?I dont think so, right?
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Old 27 April 2002, 11:38   #12
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It's for PPC amigas and other Amiga-ish PPC hardware. I am beginning to think it would be better to release a version that will only run on macs. AmigaOne is nothing but a mac with a different bios and it's harder to come by!

Skins were already used before windows xp, remember X-Copy

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