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Championship Manager 2

hi i have cm 1 and cm 93 on my laptop and can play them both without emulator.

do you guys know where i can download cm 2 as i have never played that when i owned an amiga along time ago

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Graham Humphrey
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CM2's not on there though. If I can find my copy I'll put it in the Zone for you. Though don't get your hopes up too much, it's really slow, the text's too small and hard to read and it's generally completely dreadful.
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i agree graham, it was rubbish.

the PC version is much better, faster and less annoying.
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i am playing the old amiga cm 1 and 93 and they run super fast on laptop

i cant remember where i downloaded them but playing these games dont require a emulator i just double click the icon and it starts up that is how i would like to play cm 2 (without emulator)

thanks for the reply's much appreciated
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wow i saw this on Ebay the other day was kicking myself that i didn't get a bid in but from what you guys say about cm2 (Amiga) i am glad i didn't

(the seller decided to keep the game and not sell afterall)

Thanks Graham Humphrey.
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i bought cm2 for my amiga when it came out, to be honest i cant actually remember playin the game as if i remember correctly you had to unpack each disk onto more disks which took days and then actually load the damn program which took longer lol, i think i just gave up................
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What is the best way to get this up and running on an Amiga?
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Hey, thought I was a member of EAB, registration later....

I have a legit boxed copy of this.

I was a huge fan of the CM series and waited with baited breath for CM2 to come out, in fact it was this game that made me cobble together an old P90 or some 486 rubbish so I could play it properly.

Just For point CM93 and the Italia games run brilliantly on the Amiga, they were designed to.

Sadly CM2 was not designed with the Amiga in mind and unfortunately they made the decision not to include a HD installer as standard or take advantage of extra hardware and power which would of solved 90% of the problems with this game.

Now its been like 20 years since I played this on my actual Amiga 1200 and i don't remember it being as painful as some people made out, I did have a 28mhz 020 4mb card running, which may have made some difference but everywhere I read said that this was virtually unplayable, for me for whatever reason (either I had nothing better todo or the fact I didnt have just a ram card and that my accelerator was faster.. I don't know).

So in short I quite enjoyed it, yes it was slow but not unplayable, the deal breaker was for whatever reason it bugged out on season 2...which was a biggie!
I am certain it wasn't my floppy as yes I had the patience to start all over from scratch and used a fresh set of disks but boom it died into season 2 again.

Maybe I was the only person who played this game long enough to come across this lol....

Not sure I would want to part with it even after that, it was one of the last brand new Amiga games I bought!

I may be able to get it out of storage as currently i'm in between places and run a set of disks at sometime.
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Originally Posted by twiggy View Post
What is the best way to get this up and running on an Amiga?
Fairlight version in the zone.

If you're using on a real Amiga, make sure you format 4 disks first because the Fairlight crack basically will write out the original game back to disk, so you have 100% the same version that would have been available in the shops.

It was a very buggy game which is why its not much more than a curiosity for some.

Will work on any Amiga with 2 meg of chip ram, it was marketed as being AGA only but will work on ECS machines with the right ram.
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Cheers Galahad/FLT. I remember reading that it was ported to the Amiga in a Retro Gamer issue and it piqued my curiosity. But yeah, I'll give that a bash.
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