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190MB of scans for HOL

I now hate my scanner . Following the guidelines in the FAQ I've scanned:

Manuals & Addendums (300 dpi jpegs):

3D Construction Kit 2
AV8B (English Version)
AV8B Registration Card (Front & Rear)
AV8B Supplement
Back To The Future 3
Campaign Equipment
Captain PlanetCaptain Planet Supplement
Championship Golf
COALA Protection Grid (Front & Rear)
Combat Air Patrol Supplement
Corporation Agents Manual (English Only version)
Epic Supplement
European Champions
European Champions Addendum
F16 Combat Pilot Addendum
Fifa International Manual
Fifa International Reference Card
Gloom Supplement
Golden Axe
International Ice Hockey
International Tennis
Lemmings (White manual)
Line of Fire supplement
Lure of the Temptress
Manchester United Premier Champions League
Microprose F1GP A600 Reference CArd
Microprose F1GP Supplement
Microprose F1GP Big Box Version of Supplement
Microprose Golf Supplement
Mike Reid's Computer Pop Quiz
Moonshine Racers
Manchester Utd Football Club (GBH)
Photon Storm
RVF Honda Course Maps
The Settlers
Shoot 'em up construction kit
Sim Life (English Version)
Sim Life Lab Book
Sim Life Addendum
Sleepwalker AGA
Sleepwalker AGA Reference
Speedball 2 Coaching Manual
Speedball 2 2100 season programme
SWOS 96/97
Teenage Mutant Hero Wan... I mean Turtles
Thunder Strike (GBH)
Triad Volume 3
Vector Championship Run
Wild Cup Soccer
Wing Commander Supplement
Wing Commander Addendum
World Cricket

Disk Scans (320 pixels wide):

Golden Axe
Kick Off 3
Lure of the temptress (2 disks)
M1 Tank Platoon
Pinball Fantasies
Shadow of the beast 2
Sim City 2000
Tetris (MirrorSoft)
The Simpsons:Bart vs the Space Mutants

Inlay Scans (300dpi jpegs):

Shadow of the beast 2 (front and back)
Tetris (front and back)

Multi-part Big scans (300dpi jpegs):

Blastar (front and rear) (2x2)
Chuck Rock (front and rear) (2x2)
WolfChild (front and rear) (2x2)
Campaign Map (2)
Wing Commander Blueprints (4 blueprints, each in 2 parts)

I've not got the software to join the multi-part pics up, but have tried to leave some overlap on each part. Hopefully someone can do the job.

A few of the scans are only slightly different from ones on file (eg English versions where there are German ones on file), the majority are totally new on HOL.

Not yet uploaded, as the folder is now 190MB and I'm on 2GB a month restriction. If there was a postal address for someone who would be putting them up on HOL this would help greatly, I could just burn a CD and post it.

I'll see what I can do though.
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In the name of the comunity, thank you
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