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My Danish Collection 11


HTML Code:
                       *===>       /   *===>__ __ / ,  __
                      //   / / X- X-  //   / // //    X_
                     /Z__ /_/ /  /   /Z__ /_//_/Z_   __/

                  DANISH COLLECTION PART 11 - Bo & Amager

           670 amiga disk images (.adf), mostly of games and utils
        imaged with diskripper (on an amiga) or greaseweazle (on windows) 
              or rob's arduino floppy solution (also on windows)
          by curt cool (depth-nah-kolor-hoaxers-amp-kestra-copythatfloppy)

                                 october 2021


            thank you to bo for lending some of these disks, and to
      asger for pointing me in the direction of a local recycling station so
                i could pick up the rest (amager directory).
        a few had to be scrapped and diy cleaning disks were put into 
        use (be careful) http://www.msxpro.com/disquete_de_limpeza.html.

         if you have a collection you would like to save to modern media
       and share especially if it contains demoscene material, write me at


    i will be happy to help you image your data any way i can, whether it be
   the actual imaging, getting in contact with archivists closer to your home
  who can help you or tips on how to do it yourself without spending a fortune

      any module support for amp, support for the kestra demoscene archive
   and images of disks, you have imaged yourself are also greatly appreciated.


                watch my diskripping seminar from revision 2020


                      this collection is provided as is, 
              any viruses, disk errors, nonworking games and such
                      is something you should look out for
     (as it's really very common, as you can imagine, the floppies are old)
         (so i don't take any responsibility for whatever you do with it)                  


  lastly, greetings to the diskrippers and archivists trying to keep old c64
and amiga data alive: asle, crown, dipswitch, menace, conan, zeg, jarre, tmb,
            phreedh, hedning, dozer, jope, tecon and many others 
and all of the kind people who have provided their collections and their help
  to the community (the community meaning eab, facebook groups, kestra, amp, 
                     amigascne.org, csdb etc.) over the years. 

    you have all been instrumental in saving lots of otherwise lost data.

                 ps. i also archive c64 disks and (turbo) tapes
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Thank you Curtcool!
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Many thanks!!!!
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Thanks !
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cool curt......
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As usual, thanks !
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