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Ho many partitions? *asking'*


I have readed this old thread about partitions and format full size.


All seems fine but I don't understand how many partitions I can have.
I have a Western Digital 10 GIG. Formatted changing the File System to SMS and having the 1st partition of 1999 MB and other 3 partition of 1999 MB. Total 8 GB . DH0: , DH1: , DH2: anb DH3:

I am asking if I can have for example:

1st partition of 1,999 MB and

2st partition of 8 GB

is it possible? and How?

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how many partions do you want or need ? remember each partion uses some ram as buffers

should be posible by useing sfs got my 6gig drive as 512meg boot as ffs and rest as sfs as could`t be bothered convert the ffs partion to sfs
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I boot partition as Workbech of 2 GB and one of Work of 8 GB would be geat but also a third partition would be fine.

So... Can I see these partitions as full side or need to be splitted in more partitions of 2 GB each one?

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You can have as many partitions as you like. There is no upper or lower limit (except RAM size).

There are other limits, though. For example if the HDD is bigger than 4GB and if the controller's driver is not able to use such big disks (as it is true for the internal IDE controller), the boot partition has to be inside the first 4GB of the drive. So you need at least two partitions for such a disk (one smaller than 4GB and one for the rest).

Other limits might result from the file system. For example SFS has a paritition size limit of 128 GB. So for a 500 GB drive you need at least four partitions.

On the other hand, for example if you connect an 80 GB drive to a Phase5 SCSI controller and use SFS, there is no problem to make one 80 GB boot partition and nothing else.

To answer your question we need to know where you want to connect the HDD to and which driver software you want to use.
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I recommend keeping your boot partition as small as possible. Backing up an huge partition is very slow...
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