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Dongle for game - or not? (Player Manager 2?)

Hi, I've recently been unboxing my Amiga games, I'm unable to test them yet as I don't currently have an Amiga. I can never remember Player Manager 2 being dongle protected but my memory may be failing me. I've included a link to a picture of the dongle I found in the box, I was wondering is this for the game or have I put a dongle for something else in?

Here is a pic:
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PM2 was NOT dongle protected, custom protection track, encryption and checksums.
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Hi, thanks. Much appreciated! I shall remove the dongle if I'm going to sell it. Now just the question, what does the dongle go with?!

If anyone knows, answers on the back of the postcard... Or on this thread, either will do.
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I also have Player Manager 2 (the very first edition) and it definitely does not have a dongle protection.
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Do you also have RoboCop 3 in your collection? I believe that was dongle protected.

EDIT: More possible clues here... http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=47830

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Hi, thanks for your replies.

I have looked on that list. I did have a few versions of Scala. Leader Board I was sure I had but I've just looked and I've got the C64 version not the Amiga version, though there are similarities. Possibly for that? AFAIK some C64 games also had a dongle, but this was rarer than on Amiga.

Never had RC3 in my collection and the dongle for that looking at internet images looks very different. Of course this was in a job lot of games I received about 15 years ago so quite possibly I don't have whatever it goes with, come to think of it I'm not sure whether I actually bothered with PM2 as it's not my era for football and I don't like football management games anyway.

Edit: As for Links: The challenge of Golf, I have this game and the manual explicitly states it is not copy protected (maybe other (earlier?) versions were?)

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