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CD32 Gamer website editor/contributors

Hi guys, well I finally have had to get rid of my lovely A1200 due to space issues at home, when I get a bigger place will buy an A1200 again but for now I have just my trusty CD32 which brings me onto the reason for this thread. I have started designing a website for the CD32, one which is easier to navigate and is catering for the NTSC and PAL users, however this is a big task for me as I don`t have as much time as I would like, so I am looking for any people who are interested in helping out with adding content and updating the site. At the moment it just has the index page and I am setting up a forum as well, the site is at: www.cd32gamer.info

Hope to hear from you!

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I just checked out your site. I like your layout. I already found the NTSC section useful, as I've always wondered if there was an NTSC version of Super Stardust (I guess not). I would join the forum, but there are no other members yet... so, what would I do, talk to myself? An area for hardware projects, even simple ones (like cables) might be nice or on to more complicated things like can the new Amiga 1200 flicker-fixer expansion "Indivision AGA 1200" be used with the CD32?

I notice that you're located in Japan. I never gave a thought to how well the CD32 did over THERE. I know that it bombed here in the U.S. and only did well in England until Commodore perished a slow, LONG, agonizing death. How did the CD32 do? How about the Amiga, in general?

As for hardware, I have an SX-1 expansion with 8MB RAM, a 4GB hard drive and I use an Amiga monitor so that I can play PAL games. The SX-1 makes using the CD32 quite nice, but it sure is bulky.


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