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Host side - splash Screen

Hi (newregistered)...

I am an old time Amiga 500 user, without "real" hardware as it is now... And I likely would not get any (seen the prices on A4k on e-bay?)

Anyway despite of that, I am in the progress of building a complete transparent Amiga PC system with Win7 that use WinUAE as Shell and autoboots in to my AmigaOS system.

However when using RTG, AmigaOS boot stays black for a period of time hence this completely unnecessary humble request. Amigaside bootlogos does not seem to solve this "problem" for me.

Is it possible that you (authors) "may" someday when you feel bored with to much other requests and stuff, implement a loading splash screen where the user could select what image to display and that could be turned off by calling winUAE.exe once more with a flag like -splashoff (using aminet winlaunch from wbstartup as a "rabbithole" method)or using the ESC key?

I might find a solution that could launch a separate splash viewer on the host side with the same functionality, but it would be a "nice to have" thing if it where built in and perhaps nice for "branding" as well I guess.

Anyways, thanks for a great piece of software
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Toni Wilen
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I am not sure if this kind of feature is worth the trouble but at least in theory it would be possible to show some image file that automatically goes away when Amiga enables chipset screen or RTG mode or any key is pressed.

Manual command line option sounds useless.
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Yes... you are right.

But anyway I did one application (could be removed with ALT+F4 or ESC) and also with the help of winstart startwin ? (or what it was called) launches the same application again and terminates all running instances of that application.

The said application also launches WinUAE as well, so I replaced that in Windows registry and the Shell="<<host default shell>>" option too.

Then I have two registry keys that could be invoked inside the emulated Amiga that could switch between the default shells as well (pehaps an option in winUAE....... never mind ...

:EDITED: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :EDITED:

After I read this again after a while, it might not be as clear as it is to me, so I wish to clarify

1. I created an app that can show a user defined logo screen and start one user defined application
2. I let this app be the default shell for Windows
3. This app as it is used, displays a nice logo and then launch WinUAE
4. This app can be terminated when the app is launched again (or with ESC|ALT+F4)
5. when WinUAE has booted the Amiga, and the Workbench has started, a specific user defined script from WBStartup is executed
6. this scripts call winlaunch to access windows and run the first app that launched WinUAE (in point 3)
7. The application terminates all opened instances of the same application and itself, closing the logo screen
8. and we are in Workbench

Lastly this is only used on my dedicated Win7 machine to show somethin while booting...

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Hi Azvareth. Could you please make a movie and show how everything works for you from the moment you turn on your computer? I also created something like this a few years back and it works like this:

[ Show youtube player ]

However, I have described everything in this magazine https://ka-plus.pl/en/

Starting with issue 13, I first described a project using Windows XP. Later, like you, I created a project that uses Windows 7.
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