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Fenik Sar
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[Found: Colonial Conquest II] Looking for a space/strategy/empire game

The game was was based about planets where you had to build structures on the planets and your played against a rival computer race. Most i can remember is you lost the ship when you took the planet. The game was around 1990 and im sure had conquest or galactic or quest in it and i seem to recall it was a sequal. Ive gone through the stategy part of HOL and cant see it. Oh it was on a coverdisk of an amiga magazine sold in the uk and was a full game. Help.

Edit: should have left the year a 92-93 would have been closer

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Graham Humphrey
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It isn't called Colonial Conquest is it? Sorry, I've got no pics or anything, but it does ring a bit of a bell.

EDIT: Or Colonial Conquest II. But it's a bit later than 1990 I think.
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Fenik Sar
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http://mattyongames.wordpress.com/20...bots-in-space/ WOOOT!!
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Fenik Sar
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it was so close to what i was thinking but when i saw it on other sites it said it was:

Which is what threw me off what i thought. Now seeing the c64 it in the web address it makes me feel stupid

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