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Old 18 January 2002, 13:10   #41
Into the Wonderful
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OK, here is my list:

Golden Axe
M1 Tank Platoon
Battle Hawks 1942 (don't know if I've finished it...but I've completed all the missions.)
Myth (but after beating the big evil fella in the space level, my copy had an error...what happens next?)
Monkey Island 1 + 2
Top Gear 2
Lotus 1+ 3
Formula 1 Grand Prix (but with all the easy settings, like auto brakes, gears, etc)
Mortal Kombat 1 + 2
Final Fight (I can only complete it with Haggar, and his pile driver move!)
Full Contact
Barbarian (the tournament, chop-your-opponent's-head-off version)
Spitting Images
Space Crusade
Knights of the Sky
Terminator 2 computer version
Double Dragon
Teenage Queen

I've gotten really close to completing:
Chaos Engine- I have saves on the last world with ALL characters, but I haven't defeated the boss yet. I usually have barely any lives, due to those rolling fireballs which protect the four generators.

Robocop 2- the fiddly jumping part in level 2, with the dynamite, always pisses me off.

Metal Masters- I had progressed far into this game when my disks corrupted.:eek

BTW, if I may ask, a fav game of mine always used to be the 3d Interphase. I could only make it up to level four, at best. I'm just wondering if anybody has completed it, and how many levels there are.
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Old 18 January 2002, 15:39   #42
Zone Friend
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These are some of the games which I have completed:

Monkey Island 1
Monkey Island 2
Leisure Suit Larry
Leisure Suit Larry 2
Operation Stealth
Future Wars
Fire Force
Lion King
Heart of China
Police Quest 3
Kings Quest 6
Supercars 2
Alien Breed 3d
Another World
Simon the Sorcerer
Second Samurai - Disk 3 had a read error back in the times when I completed it - not beeing able to see the end-sequence pissed me off! Will try it again someday.
Batman The Movie
Zak McKracken
Maniac Mansion
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Adventure)
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Indy Heat
Mortal Kombat
Dizzy - Crystal Kingdom
Dizzy - Prince of The Yolkfolk
Back To The Future 3 - had a hard time releasing the last brakes on the train. Actually took me quite a few years!
Beneath A Steel Sky
Rise of the Robots
Warzone - also finished after years and years of playing.
Wiz 'n' Liz
Prince of Persia

Right now I'm trying hard to complete Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
- Never completed this one without cheating before
// EDIT Gave up after reaching the last level. Don't feel like remembering where all the turbos are - which seems like the only way to complete the level.

The Chaos Engine - finished this just now with Brigand (and the computer being the priest). Damn the fireballs in the last level. Wasted a lot of time keeping enough lives left at the end boss.

Aladdin - finished several times through the years.

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Old 18 January 2002, 17:12   #43
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I never played Dragonstone a lot. Never figured out how to get very far. Maybe because I missed something in the forest. Maybe just because I don't know what to do.

BTW Muzkat. Which game were you talking about?
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Old 18 January 2002, 20:40   #44
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Hmm.... heres my list
Leisure Suit Larry 5
Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2
Dune 2
Wing Commander
Indiana Jones Fate Of Altantis (Adventure)
T-2 The Arcade Game
Midnight Resistance
U.F.O - Enemy Unknown
Turrican 2
Turrican 3
Mortal Kombat 2

Hm.... silly me, forgot bout' these games... Shame on Me

Cover Girl Strip Poker (All)
Disposable Hero
Jurassic Park
Rise Of The Robots
Santa's Xmas Caper
Sword Of Sodan

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Curse Of Enchantia

I'm playing Curse Of Enchantia at the minute and am finding it really hard. Well done for completing it. got to admit I've read the solution a couple of times when i got stuck.
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Old 18 January 2002, 22:39   #46
Zone Friend
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I used to try the game every once in a while before, and I got stuck in the forest too. However, when I tried the game last Sunday, it all just went "click".

Even though the game was very short (I could have completed it at day 1), I still found the game to be absolutely brilliant.

I'd recommend every living soul out there to complete this game, or at least get to level before dragon isle (levlel 4 i think). It was one of the cozyest locations I have been to in a game and will not be forgotten in my own personal history of gaming!
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Old 19 January 2002, 00:04   #47
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The magic number of three...

Only three, but these were tough enough to provide lots and lots of excitement for me:

- Lotus I (HARD LEVEL!)
(I've had been playing this game for about 9 (!) years, but I had never got much further than one or two levels before the last one, but then finally, in 1998, I managed to complete the LAST level! Whew...)

- Ultima IV (in 1990, after about 5 weeks of hard work)
Yes, I said "in 1990". That guarantees: NO CHEATING! There were no Internet search engines to get hints, and so I was absolutely on my own! I figured out the secret Guilds, hidden places by asking all and sundry (the characters in the game, not those in real life, doh! ) and spells! (just by trying mixtures of herbs over and over)
The result: 17 pages of stapled, type written paper with infos, infos, infos...and the best of it all: a successfully finished game!
One small thing I remember is that I didn't find out this magical thing that made your ship invulnerable (or just a little more robust?!) against the pirates' attackz. <grin>
It was TOUGH without this useful item, but I did make it anyway...
Hey, and I LOVED those messages:
The Abyss by itself took about 1.5 weeks until I got everything I needed.

- Twinworld (the easiest of all three).
Medium level. Twinworld offers a LOT of energy potions, making sure that you never run out of energy unless you're a complete dunce...

That's it

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Old 19 January 2002, 00:14   #48

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Games I have finished (No-cheating)

1. Kult

2. Dragon's Lair (Coin-Op and Amiga version finished without cheating)

That's it
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Old 19 January 2002, 03:34   #49
Posts: n/a
Ultima IV was a perfect game andreas. Congratulations to you for finishing it. That's quite an achievement! It was the game that made me love role-playing and I played it on my Master System. It was easier to play on a console since you did not need to type anything and could just select the commands and words from a list. It had better graphics than the amiga version as well. If you like the game that much, give SMS version a try. (I advise you to use either Dega or Meka as the emulator)
Old 20 January 2002, 13:13   #50
Into the Wonderful
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Drake: I was talking about a game called Interphase. It was all in 3d. You were in some sort of space ship, with lasers, homing missiles and a tractor beam, and you were floating about in a building. A female friend that you know is trying to escape this building, but she can't get past obstacles such as cameras, robot guards, alarms and other detectors. Therefore, it was your task to disable these devices, such as the cameras, for example, and then giving her the all clear to move on. It was a very fun yet tricky game, and it mixed fantasy-simulation with action, and problem solving. I loved it because it was just so different, but I could only manage up to level 4. Anyone get any further?
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Old 10 February 2002, 11:47   #51
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Completed Bloodwych :D

I completed Bloodwych (man I would love to get that one again original I have is corrupted due to to much use ). Although the second time around we discovered a slight bug that when used set all your characters stats to 99 I cant remember how to do it tho.

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Old 25 February 2002, 19:53   #52
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Only one game:
The Great Giana Sisters
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Old 25 February 2002, 22:13   #53

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Edzup, as you can tell I love Bloodwych too but my original still works, even though the white label has turned black through too much use.

Have you ever played the data disk/extended levels - you can recruit monsters!

Don't worry about your original not working; I have both of the above running flawlessly on a WinUAE Harddrive setup. If anyone wants a copy just shout and I'll upload into the zone! :laugh
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Old 26 February 2002, 19:42   #54
Posts: n/a
Yes, yes!! Soon I'll get a harddrive for my A600 and I want play it (I finished the Amstrad CPC tape version )
Old 27 February 2002, 15:23   #55

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Uukrul, get all your Bloodwych needs from this site:

Bloodwych Shrine

There you can find many different versions, including those for real Amigas and a preset WinUAE with the HDversion.

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Old 27 February 2002, 18:18   #56
Posts: n/a
Many thanks for the great link!

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Hmm oh yeah, after the other thread I just remembered 4 Amiga games I've completed without cheating.

1. Oswald (Not super oswald which had more levels)
2. Hugo
3. Hugo 2 (train and mountain I think it was)
and 4. Hugo 2 (Forest and plane, maybe the ways they were put together were different)
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Old 27 February 2002, 22:34   #58
Going nowhere

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Just my two cents worth!

Ok for anyone remotely interested:

Dragonstone / Core
Jim Power / Loriciels
Double Dragon II / Virgin
Supremacy / Virgin
Xenon / Melbourne House
Shadow of the Beast / Psygnosis
Warzone / Core
Lotus II / Gremlin
X-Out / Rainbow Arts
Z-Out / Rainbow Arts
Turrican / Rainbow Arts
Turrican II / Rainbow Arts
Turrican III / Rainbow Arts
BC Kid / Hudson Soft
Darkman / Ocean
Hook / Ocean
Chase H.Q. / Ocean
Chase H.Q. 2 / Ocean
Scramble Spirits / Grandslam
Seven Gates of Jambala / Grandslam
Gods / Bitmap Brothers
Speedball 2 / Bitmap Brothers ( I will challenge anyone to this game and I would beat ANYONE!)
Streetfighter 2 / US Gold
Shinobi / Virgin
Robocop / Ocean
Robocop 2 / Ocean
The Untouchables / Ocean
Nitro / Psygnosis
Epic / Ocean
F-29 Retaliator
Stardust / Bloodhouse
Cannon Fodder / Sensible
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters / Domark
Castle Master / Domark
Total Eclipse / Domark
Battle Squadron / Innerprise
Hybris / Innerprise
Super Hang-on / Activision
Fighter Bomber / Activision
Mortal Kombat / Virgin
Pang / Ocean
Toki / Ocean
Alien Breed 2 AGA / Team 17

Well, thats my tuppence worth. There are probably another couple
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Old 28 February 2002, 00:07   #59
The Ancient One
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After seeing Galahad's list, I'm beginning to feel rather inadequate ... <sniff!> ...

You mean you're supposed to FINISH games?

Seriously, I think my attention span must be too short when it comes to most games. I was trying to remember which ones I had ever finished (on any platform), and most of the ones I've ever finished were text adventures (especially the old Infocom ones), but I'm not sure I ever finished any of them ON the Amiga. I did finish Space Quest 1 and Leisure Suit Larry 1 on the Amiga, so it's not a total shutout.
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Old 10 September 2004, 21:53   #60
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Dungeon Master
Eye of the Beholder 1
Turrican 1
Turrican 2
Alien Breed Tower Assault
Curse of the Azure Bonds
Death Knights of Krynn
Battle Squadron
Cannon Fodder 2
Falcon (Over 400 Merit points)
Crystal Dragon
Sensible World of Soccer (Top of Premier League for many years...chose Bottom Division team)
Dune 2
Another World
Full Contact

Nearly ones:

Bloodwych - Final Fight I stopped. I was knackered...

Cannon Fodder...Last level, last phase....helicopter hit lamp-post and killed all troops. tried it 30 times...died all the time...frustrated, stopped playing it.

Speedball 2 - Lost in final match in top league, If I won I would have become champion...damn game!!

Others I can't remember!!

@andreas - Well done for finishing Ultimate IV!!

@Galahad - Well done for finishing Speedball 2 & Shadow of the Beast!!

Some other Amiga/PC games were finished on the PC.

- Hillsy

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