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Flashback 2012 Demoscene computer party 9th - 10th & 11th June 2012 - C64 - AMIGA - P

Were you a lover of the C64 and AMIGA computer?

You ever heard of the demo scene? or you were once apart of it?

Defame presents FLASHBACK 2012 - Sydney Australia -

June long week end 9th 10th & 11th June 2012
RETRO AND MODERN Computer party.


For computer enthisiasts of the c64, AMIGA, PC that create digital computer art on all computer platforms.

A demoparty is an event that gathers demosceners and other computer enthusiasts to compete in competitions. A typical demoparty is a non-stop event lasting over a weekend, providing the visitors a lot of time to socialize. enter the competitions such as Programming, Graphics, Music, Animation.

If your a computer enthisiast that has an interest in Programming, Computer Graphics, Animation, digital computer music, hacking and cracking and Retro computers such as the c64 and Amiga.


We need your help to bring back that oldschool party feeling!! For all those current demo sceners and ex-sceners, it's time to come out of hiding and support us. A great chance to catchup with all your demoscene friends for an awesome week end of competing, Socializing, watching demos and showing off your talents in competing in the competitions.

Ex sceners, current sceners, beginners, ALL WELCOME.

REGISTER NOW AT www.defame.com.au

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