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ViNCEd tab completion not working on OS 1.3


I was looking for a console handler supporting tab completion which could run on an A500 with 1.3 Kickstart.

On OS 3.1 I'm happy with KingCon wich is a great console replacement and supports tab completion. Unfortunately it doesn't run on OS 1.3.

Searching on Aminet I eventually found ViNCEd, which seems the only one supporting OS 1.3 (at least until version 3.69) and offering tab completion.
I tried two version of ViNCEd on OS 1.3: version 3.69 and 3.42. I was able to install them, mount the console virtual device, open a ViNCEd shell and launch its configuration application. Everything seems to work fine except for the tab completion. The software documentation says: "tab expansion is only available in shell mode". Enabling the shell mode for ViNCEd is very simple: just add the SHELL argument in the window path:

newshell "VNC:////Test/SHELL"

But even if the shell mode is active, tab completion doesn't work: when I press CTRL+TAB (or only TAB on version 3.42) the screen is flashing but nothing more happens. The screen flashing probably means that the path expansion engine is actually starting but for some reason it never finds any match to expand the command line.

After all my tests on OS 1.3 I tried to install ViNCEd 3.69 on OS 3.1. Here, strangely, the tab expansion is working perfectly as expected.

In conclusion these are my hypothesis:
  1. ViNCEd <= 3.69 supports OS 1.3 but not all its features work on all platforms, in particular tab expansion works only on OS 3.1 (probably on OS > 1.3)
  2. ViNCEd <= 3.69 supports OS 1.3 with all its features. Tab expansion problems on my tests depend on some kind os misconfiguration.

Any help for solving this problem on ViNCEd would be appreciated. Also it would be nice if you could suggest any other console handler with tab expansion working on 1.3.
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You could investigate WShell 2.0. Apparently that works on Kickstart 1.x and has an "FComp" filename completion feature. The manual is available in PDF format from http://www.bombjack.org/.
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There are also several free packages which include filename completion. You might like to check out:
  • AUSH 3.17. That version requires Kickstart 2.0 but the older version 1.52 on Fish disk 747 works with Kickstart 1.x. According to the version history, 1.55 was the last 1.x-compatible version but that's not on Aminet any more. A quick Google search suggests version 1.55 is on LSD Legal Tools 50.
  • GMC 9.18. That version requires Kickstart 2.0. Version 9.8 was the last with support for Kickstart 1.x. Version 9.8 is on Fish disk 434.
  • SKsh 2.1. That version requires Kickstart 2.0 but version 1.7 on Fish disk 489 works on Kickstart 1.x.
  • ZShell
There's also AXsh but that seems mostly designed for remote access (e.g. a user connecting to your machine over the serial port). I haven't checked whether it can be used in a normal CON: console window.
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Thank you! I will try these packages.
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I installed WShell 2.0 and it works pretty well, I tested the FComp filename completion module and it works fine under kickstart 1.3.

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