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The Brave Ant
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From What year to what year You can use a stock Commodore Amiga 500?

Hello, I was wondering that, from what year to what year You can use a default Commodore Amiga 500 for videogames without needing 1 Mb of memory or more.

I don´t ask for a better CPU, only about using the Commodore Amiga 500 for playing the games that were in the market back in time. No more memory, no better chips, nothing more than the stock Amiga.

I imagine that there were games for the Amiga in all her life that only need a stock Amiga 500 to play, until the system was totally obsolote for various circumstances, but for You, What were that years? Maybe from the start of all in 1985 to 1990? I mean the comercially ones.

I don´t know, I never had one of such a great machines. I want to know the years that You only need one Amiga 500 and that´s all You need to play videogames in It.

Maybe the question is, What year was when You realized, oh! I need more memory or something like that.

Sorry for my bad english, this is off topic for the thread, but I have some dreams (wet dreams maybe ) of buying a stock Amiga 500, totally new branded, with the monitor new too, and start to buy some viodegames with the wrapper on it untill today unopened (I know that some videogames are like that, like they came from the factory today in 2014 from back then, some gems, but maybe not a great videogames, but at least they are waiting to be opened! and use the disks for first time in an Amiga 500).

Crap, I express myself so bad.
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1987 to 2014. There are still games that run happing on an OCS 512k Amiga A500.
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I realised very soon that I want more memory and a hard drive, although not just because of games But this was a couple of years after the A500's launch, so such things were already reasonably available.
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Out of the box in '89/90 I was already wanting an expansion. even if only for the extra music in interceptor!
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