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Treasure Hunt?

Hi, trying to find the name of another game:- my mate had it when we were kids and came across it when we were looking for Blaster the other night.

The disk is labelled treasure hunt but we don't think that's the actual name, we definately know it's a PD game.

You are a pirate in the game and it focuses on trying to find a piece of treasure on a grid, a little bit like the board game Battleships. Some of the grid is desert island and some of the grid is sea.
If you don't get the treasure on your guess you the brilliant audio sample "There's no treasure here shipmate!" which was a lot funnier if you do it in the sea (it sounds like it's underwater)

Although we have a hard copy of this disk we cannot access it using our PCs and have been having Amiga trouble for a while now so we were just going to download an ADF, if available.
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Bump. Anyone?
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Sorry to Necro but I know the answer and came across this post whilst searching for the same game, and so thought it might help future searchers.

The game is called 'Treasure Search' and is available on Assassins CD1, as well as CU Amiga coverdisk for issue 68 http://amr.abime.net/issue_68_other


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