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Compatibility Issues (reloaded)

Ok I finally managed to buy a monitor for my A4000 (actually it's more an LCD TV, but that works fine) and I can resume my works on the Amy from where I stopped on October.
It's a 040 16/4 with OS3.9 (upgraded from 3.5)
Now I'm relatively new to AGA machines - since '88 I've been owning only an A500 and an A2000, so I've still got many problems tackling the AGA world - and my concerns are mainly on software compatibility.

I've always known about the compatibility issues between non-AGA and AGA machines, but I think this is going a bit too far. Out of 80 original programs/games I owned on my A500/2000 just ONE of them works on the 4000. 80% of them fall in a guru meditation or in a general software failure, while the others load up to a certain point and then freeze.
Laughably enough, the only software I managed to successfully load was a game, 'the amazing spiderman'.
I've got some questions then:

- could it be because the AGA machines are a bitch when trying to load apps/games meant for non-AGA machines?
- could it be that my software simply de-magnetized and died for old age? I could build my A2000 again and try, but I'm too lazy, and if they worked on it I'd simply get really angry
- isn't there any way for the A4000 to 'emulate' a non-aga system? I think that there's something in the chip speed that bugs the loading process of the games/apps - I noticed it on animated sequences, music and so on.
- has any of you experienced such a blatant and widespread incompatibility when loading 500/2000 software on 1200/4000 machines?

Thank you
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The guru message is not caused by AGA but rather by the 68040. Old games usually are poorly programmed, not dealing with processor caches and other advanced techniques.

To make your machine more compatbile to games you should enter the early startup menu (hold down both mouse buttons after reset) and choose "original chipset" from the graphics options and somewhere is a switch "disable CPU caches" which should be checked.
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use Whdload for the old games, and the old demos...

What software do you want to use?

btw. If you havent had AGA before, now is the time to check out some amiga demos:


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