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Old 29 September 2021, 18:25   #301
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Amazing collection, many thanks for the hard work involved to all!
These disks fits nicely into my growing indexing database :-)
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Old 10 October 2021, 22:09   #302
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Location: Deventer - Netherlands
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Dutch collection final part

Today i will give you the last part of the Dutch Collection
this are all the disks i could find to add to the last pack.
Due to having no time and lust anymore to make more images

DUTCH COLLECTION FINAL PART: https://ufile.io/cj41f2zm

Links to all the previous packs:

DUTCH COLLECTION PART 01 - https://ufile.io/xj11sr70
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 02 - https://ufile.io/8t5flo6w
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 03 - https://ufile.io/2szf2wkf
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 04 - https://ufile.io/mqee241c
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 05 - https://ufile.io/jfw5iodl
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 06 - https://ufile.io/3hvpxzva
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 07 - https://ufile.io/lvc8ajhq
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 08 - https://ufile.io/sjk50ixm
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 09 - https://ufile.io/t7rf9yph
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 10 - https://ufile.io/uttlrjzx
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 11 - https://ufile.io/x02yncts
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 12 - https://ufile.io/wz4aa92y
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 13 - https://ufile.io/1y5gwbyt
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 14 - https://ufile.io/7hefr7af
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 15 - https://ufile.io/5j685x0a
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 16 - https://ufile.io/b7vj0crx
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 17 - https://ufile.io/80udxd21
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 18 - https://ufile.io/dgiobrzi
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 19 - https://ufile.io/u0xjtt96
DUTCH COLLECTION PART 20 - https://ufile.io/ajuqa0d3
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Old 10 October 2021, 22:14   #303
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Thanks again Jarre for all the great work! I have already spent (and will spend) much time with these images.
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Old 11 October 2021, 01:00   #304
Ex nihilo nihil

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Thanks a lot for the amazing work and effort made to provide us all these disks.
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Old 11 October 2021, 01:59   #305
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Amazing !!! Great work Jarre !!! Thanks a lot for your effort !!!
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Old 11 October 2021, 07:33   #306
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Awesome work. What a mammoth effort to complete that lot!
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Old 11 October 2021, 15:22   #307
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Thanks so much for doing this! You are the best, i wish i could help you image the disks.
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Old 11 October 2021, 15:58   #308
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Thanks again Jarre for all the hard work, I have tried to get files 1 - 15 again and can't seem to get them, dunno if its just my end, but tried firefox & edge and nothing downloads.
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Old 11 October 2021, 18:04   #309
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Many thanks Jarre for all this dump!!!!
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Old 11 October 2021, 19:07   #310
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Incredible again. If it is the end, then once again, huge thanks for the time you and TMB spent on these. And of course, thank you again for sharing !
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Old 11 October 2021, 19:28   #311
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It's never ending in fact....Jarre will be back in Jarre II - revenge of the floppies !!!

Thanks anyway, great collection and a lot to discover.
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Old 11 October 2021, 23:35   #312

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Thank you for this colossal work, you helped to preserve many productions that can be found on Kestra, TOSEC or others and this is only the beginning.

Thank you also for the many viruses you allowed me to discover, they will be used by Georg Wittmann to update VirusZ and XVS

Get some rest, move on and come back anytime!
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Old 12 October 2021, 11:58   #313
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@Sandancer If you have an FTP or something I can upload them if you want.
Maybe if someone knows a better source where we can put this, just let me know.
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Old 12 October 2021, 12:03   #314
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Location: Sunderland, UK
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@jarre Thanks for all your collection uploads sir.. A mammoth task! Hope to see you return to them as some point.

All the best & take it easy


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Old 13 October 2021, 17:00   #315
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Location: Wakefield/United Kingdom
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I got them all now thank you
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Old 19 October 2021, 10:15   #316
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Location: Germany
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Thanks a lot for your outstanding work!
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Old 20 October 2021, 11:56   #317
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Location: Valby / Denmark
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Thank you very much for this huge effort - wonder how you got hold of the disks in the first place. And hope you will return some time if you come across some interesting disks (demoscene stuff, old stuff from 87-91 etc.). Also, I hope you'll help if we come across some Dutch guy with a demoscene collection that needs archiving. After all, you have the expertise.

Having archived a few collections myself, I find that the amount (lack of) of "new" (as in not previously archived) stuff in "normal" (as in not scene oriented) collections doesn't always make the effort seem worthwhile. Also, dirty, mouldy disks are frustrating - am making some experiments with quicker cleaning but ... not easy.

(but rest assured, Danish Collection will return quite soon)
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Old 20 January 2022, 22:32   #318
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Thank you for the digitalisation of the Dutch collection.
I am Dutch and I am sure that I can have lots of fun with these ADF files.
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Old 20 February 2022, 01:02   #319
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Amazing amount of work building such a gigantic collection. I thought the collection would be around 10 parts, so every part number after that was astonishment.
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Old 20 February 2022, 02:18   #320
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This is all post mortem... Not sure if you guys knew this.
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