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View Poll Results: Which was the best amiga shooter ever?
z-out 3 2.63%
hybris 10 8.77%
battle squadron 26 22.81%
Project X 9 7.89%
Apydia 9 7.89%
Agony 1 0.88%
T-Zero 8 7.02%
Dosposable Hero 2 1.75%
Uridium II 5 4.39%
Swiv 14 12.28%
Banshee 9 7.89%
Plutos 1 0.88%
Xenon II 3 2.63%
Menace 0 0%
Blood Money 2 1.75%
R-Type 6 5.26%
Mega Typhoon 2 1.75%
Silkworm 4 3.51%
Voters: 114. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 04 February 2007, 14:54   #1
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best amiga shooter ever?


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Old 04 February 2007, 15:01   #2
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Where's R-Type?
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Old 04 February 2007, 15:22   #3
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I love Project X
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Old 04 February 2007, 15:28   #4
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and where's Mega Typhoon ?
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Old 04 February 2007, 15:29   #5

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So many great shot´em ups.

T-Zero, Apidya, PX ....

But Agony has fantastic fantasy gfx and music.
I played it most.
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Old 04 February 2007, 15:44   #6
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Uh, OH, Hybris has his fans!

R-Type? Ohm i forgot: never loved the coin op too much, and never played it on the amiga...

I don't remember: was R-Type converted by Factor 5?
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Old 04 February 2007, 16:11   #7
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I need R-Type on the list
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Old 04 February 2007, 16:14   #8
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SWIV but Xenon II was fun.
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Old 04 February 2007, 16:23   #9
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In playability Hybris, technically i like Disposable Hero.
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Old 04 February 2007, 16:26   #10
Graham Humphrey
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Close call between T-Zero, Project X (SE) and Apidya, but T-Zero just edges it for me.
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Old 04 February 2007, 16:27   #11
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added r-type and mega typhoon

@tarr. The best way to do this is say run a thread over next week asking members to post their fave shooters and then add up the totals that get suggested. Then simply make a poll with say the top 5 or 10 so others can then vote
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Old 04 February 2007, 16:41   #12
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I wanted to pick Capone but there was no Capone so I picked Plutos, which wasn't that fun but it was ok. I haven't played any of the other games.
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Old 04 February 2007, 16:53   #13
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i would have thought that battle squadron would have lead by much greater consensus...come on guys, hybris is not comparable to the fun of battle squadron!
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Old 04 February 2007, 17:11   #14
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For me it's between Disposable Hero and T-Zero, but went for T-Zero as it has fabulous GFX and awesome CD32 music tracks.
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Old 04 February 2007, 17:11   #15

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Old 04 February 2007, 18:54   #16
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Well the first Amiga game shooter I purchased was X-Out...and still one of my favourites. Hmm..not on the list.. so.......let's analyse this..

Battle Squadron was the one that got away from me as I didn't know about the game until a later date. I did eventually play it on the Amiga. Good game too.

Z-Out was good too, but I found it difficult.

Amiga R-Type I remember being better than the AtariST version.

Project X, the ship was too slidey for me..

Xenon II, I preferred on the AtariST.

Hybris helped to make Battle Squadron such a great game as they learnt from there mistakes..

Agony was graphics over content...

Menace, played on the AtariST, nice difficulty. Good idea with the energy. Menace made Blood Money into the game it became....

Blood Money, difficult game but had a certain charm about it..

Uridium 2, remembered for the speech and the fact it was a good game. Often challenged my brother to a game of this..

Apidya was a game I always came back to..

Banshee, good game but felt disappointed with it..not sure why..

SWIV showed that you can flow action seemlessly into the game without lengthy loading times...

Winner probably is...

SWIV - more up-to-date and the difficulty was just right.

PS: Where is the Original Silkworm??

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Old 04 February 2007, 23:51   #17
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I chose Battle Squadron... why? Well, because it is the one I feel most satisfied with overall... it feels really intense from beginning to end just like the weaponry and its upgrades. And the games supports two buttons.

...why not any of the others? Well...

- I was thinking about putting my vote on this one... since I find it the most innovative and exciting R-Type clone on the Amiga. However I don't like the fact that some of the levels offers graphics that seems completely out of place with some of the other levels... like there have been two different people designing the graphics for the levels without even trying to get them to feel somewhat like a 'unity'.

- Played it through a couple of weeks ago and was impressed with its smooth scroll and nice upgrades of the ship. A nice Terra Cresta clone... but not really that intense and the levels feel somewhat long and repetative at times.

- A game based purerly upon trial & error, offering nothing new at all... but what it offers it offers in a fantastic way. The graphics I find marvellous just like the music, but I am not too fond of the 'waves' concept. People often claim this game to be way too hard... but my recipie for making it through the entire game without dying one single life (no, by the time I got to the second but last boss without dying I had to take a break... and now two months have passed, shame on me) is to learn what 'wave' of enemies comes next and how to deal with them most easily. If one likes to play SHMUPs this way Project-X does the trick... but if one likes to play SHMUPs that got a constant flow of action and doesn't necessarily need to be 'learned' to manage... well, then... keep away.

- Trying to be a Japanese SHMUP. And manages somewhat. But in some strange way it manages to make that classic European SHMUP-feeling shine through, a feeling which I don't like and thus this game simply can't be the one I feel is the best SHMUP on the Amiga. But great it is. Anyways.

- Such great presentation! The graphics are really great (although very static)! However, the game-play offers nothing out of the ordinary... and concept-wise I think this game is a stinker. Yet I can't stop myself from enjoying the simple concept... and every now and then give this game a go... but, naaaah... no... ah, well... I am weird...

Blood Money
Disposable Hero
Uridium II
- Haven't played them enough to know what to think of them.

- Now... this could very well be the one SHMUP I think offers the greatest graphics ever on the Amiga. The detail... the beauty... the EVERYTHING just looks so damn good that it can stand up against arcade classics such as DonPachi and Gunbird. But what the fuck happened with the rest of the game? Yes, we do got big bosses. Yes, we do got mini-bosses. But, yes, we do also got the longest and most uninspired levels in the history of SHMUPs. THEY NEVER END! NEVER! EVER! Had the levels been like one fifth of the total lenght and the action a bit more intense along the way (maybe with more interaction with the actual level, like when you can't fly through the top of the bridges and such) we would have been getting closer to something that I could have accepted... and the weaponry... dear god... you can spend like 20 minutes on just getting the shots to split... it feels like being thrown back 10 years in time... what where they thinking? And no music. Levels that takes like 20 minutes to go through. With little action and much repeativeness. No weaponry upgrades to talk about. What do we get? A game with beutiful graphics that could have been such a classic... with much emphasis on 'could have been'.

Xenon II
- Oh. The horror.

- One of the worst arcade conversions ever. Not one thing they did get right, and especially not that catastrophy of the third level? The game feels rushed and incomplete. A shame. Especially concerning the greatness of the original.

Mega Typhoon
- A manic-shooter? On the Amiga? Well, yes! Bullet-hell, indeed! I love the concept... but is it just me or does the graphics just don't cut it? And does the game never end (it just seems to jump back to the first level after a while)? With a little polish... on the graphics side... a few more levels and a little time spent on redesigning some of the more tedious parts of already existing levels... and some music added... this would be a killer SHMUP! Now it merely feels like a tech-demo. But a tech-demo I really do love. I never thought this much action was possible considering the hardware the game plays on.

Oh dear. This became a rather lengthy post. Sorry. I just couldn't stop myself.

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Old 05 February 2007, 00:06   #18
Ya' like it Retr0?
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Originally Posted by Legerdemain
- One of the worst arcade conversions ever. Not one thing they did get right, and especially not that catastrophy of the third level? The game feels rushed and incomplete. A shame. Especially concerning the greatness of the original.
I loved (REALLY loved the arcade.....) i spent nearly my entire youth on this game (with small intervals of shinobi) at the arcades....

then i heard it was to be released for the amiga... my heart sang with joy and elatement... i was estatic... the day of release down to my local computer shop... (remeber them?) and there it was... my pre-paid R-Type for the amiga....

there was a skip in my step and a feeling of rightiousness that i have purchased the best game ever!....

i got home... i got to my amiga.... i powered up and stuck the game in....

all is looking well......

clunk clunk wiirrr with the floppy....

and then i was insulted with the WORST pile of CRAP ever called a shoot-em up...

I couldn`t get through the first level for choking on the crapness... I had played better converesion for the VCS (atari 2600) so i turned the lot off stormed out the house back down to the arcade... a VERY miffed zetr0!
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Voted for Apidya. I'm not only a Huelsbeck addict (war at meadow's edge, one of his best tracks ever!), but the game is just well balanced. Not too simple, not too difficult, colorful, big sprites, good collision detection, a good amount of weapons upgrades, just great.

Perhaps someone could start a worst shoot em up game so that I can vote for Thunderblade... The worst purchase of my life (next to the ninja turtles crap em up). Tought me not to look at the arcade version before purchase :s
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Old 05 February 2007, 01:18   #20
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i'm quite agree about Legerdemain comment.
Personally i vote for Mega Typhoon as it's the only "manic shooter" for amiga. a really well code game and even if gfx are onyl in 16 colors, it provide a new kind of SMUPS for amiga. Too bad, the amiga died around this year.
With Banshee and Mega Typhoon we could have expected some new and impressive SMUPs on amiga.

Ps : Where is Zaxxon ?
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