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(found) top down shooter ?

It was a top down game. Two player, splitscreen. The players would be army men. You would fight each
other, all over level would be guns placed randomly. One gun I remember
would fire bullets that would bounce against walls. As soon as a player
dies, his body would be pushed along a bit by the bullet, leaving a blood
trail. Then the level would restart.

Can't remember if it was a a1200 or a500 game. It was only the demo I
played. It was a lot of fun, and i want to remake it, so if anyone has an
idea what the game is called that'd be great. If you can think of any games that are top down, two player and fun please tell me them too.

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Can only think of Marathon http://hol.abime.net/3692
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Extreme Violence? http://hol.abime.net/3831/screenshot
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It wasn't Marathon. It was all set indoors. The name extreme violence sounds
familiar, and the screenshots look similar, but this game i remember had better
graphics. Maybe it was a sequal of this game? I will try to download this
one anyway, thankyou both for your replies. If anyone knows of games similar
to extreme violence, please post.

Edit: I downloaded it at its very similar. The one I used to play was different, for example you could shoot many of those bouncy bullets. But
this game is enough for me to make a remake, so thanks codyjarret . I wonder what that "extreme violence 6.9" i see on wikipedia was?

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