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Feature Request.....

Right, I think i've asked this before, but I can't remember, but it bugs me its not a feature, so I feel compelled to ask again, because if it was implemented, it would be useful and it wouldn't affect real Amigas in any way.

So, I like WinUAE, it helps with my development of projects, I do everything on a crappy old Compaq Laptop, I use it as a portable Amiga so I can do whatever I need wherever I want.

I use it daily, all the time.

OK, so WinUAE is great (did I tell Toni how great it is?), but it could be greater.

When I use Devpac, if I assemble without CYCLE EXACT ticked, it speeds up assembling of large projects by quite a big margin.

It speeds up things so much, that I don't want to lose that, but, before I run my assembled program, I must hit F12, go and tick CYCLE EXACT so that the program runs as its supposed to.

And then when I exit the program, hit F12 again, tick CYCLE EXACT off, and carry on.

I wouldn't bother, but not having cycle exact ticked when assembling really does speed up the process, whats the point in having this extra PC power if I can't use it better?

So, after that ramble, here is my feature request:

I would like it if we were as programmers able to affect some of the GUI options in WinUAE from WITHIN the Amiga environment without having to hit F12 and tick boxes.

Here is my proposal.

1). Set aside a small ram space within WinUAE that doesn't exist on a real Amiga, literally 1K would probably do.
2). In Devpac I could do this:

move.w #-1,$dffa00 ;Enable CYCLE EXACT
movem.l d0-d7/a0-a6,-(a7)
bsr my_code
btst #6,$bfe001
bne.s lmb
bsr closedown
movem.l (a7)+,d0-d7/a0-a6
moveq #0,d0
clr.w $dffa00 ;Disable CYCLE EXACT

Could just be a word, each word represents a different useful function to be able to toggle on or off, for instance:

$dffa00 = Cycle Exact on/off
$dffa02 = Fastest possible on/off
$dffa04 = Joystick none/on
$dffa06 = etc, etc.

i know the answer is probably no, but if you don't ask you don't get, and I personally would find it useful, don't know about other people?
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What's wrong with uae-configuration? It's a bit more complicated than what you suggest but it already exists and is a generic future-proof solution. Source code is included.
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The uae-configuration way of doing this was previously dicussed here
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Hi Phill, is already possible via code.
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