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Integrate 86Box 287/387 FPU emulation into Bridgeboard?

I was looking over the 86Box project (a direct fork of PCem) the other day and noticed that it currently supports 287/387 FPU emulation. Might it be possible to integrate this FPU support into the WinUAE emulation for AT Bridgeboards?

Since 86Box is a fork of PCem, I would think that maybe the FPU parts could be ported over to work with the PCem-based Bridgeboard emulation core without having to make too many changes to the code.

It would be nice to have FPU emulation with BB at least for 286/386 CPUs. Do you think this is doable?
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Old 22 October 2019, 18:43   #2
Toni Wilen
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FPU would be nice but it probably isn't that simple and easy merge. It is not going to be included in next version at least (unless someone helps with this), perhaps next year..
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Old 23 October 2019, 18:47   #3
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I'm constantly amazed at the quality of WinUAE and the amount of hardware that it emulates for completeness' sake rather than for utility. e.g. bridgeboard emulation, which lets you run absolutely zero useful software that you couldn't run already in DOSBox, except for the software related directly to bridgeboard management (Janus tools etc.).

Hats off to the devs for such attention to detail, it really is preserving history.
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Old 14 May 2020, 07:51   #4
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PCem FPU emulation Update:

PCem v16 was released nearly a month ago, and it now includes complete pre-486 FPU emulation (8087/287/287XL/387.) I tested it out and it all seems to work perfectly.

Do you think this FPU emulation could be integrated into WinUAE Bridgeboard emulation?
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Old 14 May 2020, 14:25   #5
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It probably can be integrated, but it's a matter of who has the time to do it. If Toni's full up getting 4.4.0 ready for release, could you do the integration?
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Old 15 May 2020, 04:05   #6
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Alas, I am not much of a programmer, but only a mere mortal user and beta tester.

My thinking is that since the core Bridgeboard emulation is already based on PCem code, there's a good chance it shouldn't be too hard to integrate. Provided, that is, that the basic structure of the PCem code base hasn't changed too much since PCem was integrated into WinUAE.
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