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Hittin' the hardware...

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Installing WB 2 on Hard Disk (and a few other Qs)

I've pieced together an A500+ with GVP HD8+ and prepped the hard disk (but not after a worrying time until I set the stack size!). Anyway, these Qs are quite general:

- I've set a Workbench drive at 21MB and an Apps drive at 80MB. Is there enough space on the Workbench partition for "normal" use, i.e. basic Workbench and TCP/IP stack (and whatever else needs to go in C: DEVS: LIBS: etc.)?

- I've currently insalled Workbench by "copy all from df0: to dh0:" etc. Now, is this sufficient? Should I edit the startup-sequence to "assign" the other 2 workbench disks? Unfortunately the only HD install disk I have left over from my A600 days is for Workbench 3.0 (which was given to me with my A600's IDE drive by my uncle who owned an A1200). The only other ones I have are A590 prep disks and the GVP prep disks.

I have original Workbench 2.0.4, 2.0.5 disks (3 per set). Is it worth putting .5 on, presumably it's specific for the A600 and not the A500+?

Thanks for any help, just want to get a "right" set-up with major apps installed so I can (gulp!) remove the drive and add it to my PC's SCSI chain for a nice backup time onto CD under Linux! :eek
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Like yourself, I have an A500+; the exception being that I run an A590 HD (still with the original 20MB). Though I always wanted the GVP

It's several years since partitioning that drive, but I seem to remember setting each part. to something like 6 and 14meg. The 'work' partition contained Workbench (!) and most of my apps and workbench utilities (Image FX, Art Department, Wordworth, snoopDOS... D. Opus 4), with several multi-disk games and temporary space on the 'games' part. If you need more info, I'll try to look at the A590 backups on my PC; but, in any case, I think you can see that with an A500/+, you should have no problems with your chosen setup.

I can't give much of an opinion regarding it's workings (I can't remember!); but despite having access to 2.05 from a friend's A600, I stayed with the installed 2.04.

I'll re-read your message and get back, if I can be more constructive and helpful - though I am sure that there'll be plenty of others with good advice and recommendations in the meantime.

Still dreaming of that GVP...
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Hittin' the hardware...

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Yeah, thinking back my friend's dad had an A590 and coped pretty well with just 20 MB. I haven't even tested my A590 yet because the GVP works so well - it's very fast to spin up and you don't even have to "park" it!

I put Workbench 2.0.5 on in the end and added 3 assigns for the floppy disk names in startup-sequence. No doubt if that's wrong or if there's a better way somebody will say something! - I couldn't wait to get "Dice C" installed and working.

I think I've used about 10 MB total so far for Workbench and Dice C and considering that's about 1/3 of the disks I own I think I'll be fine!

Other than that, my room is totally disorded at the moment as I'm moving back in from Uni to find 3 Amigas and loaaaads of "new" hardware / CD32 games etc. to play with.
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Black Lives Matter

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You shouldnt have to assign anything nowhere. I'll tell you what.. I'll post my A600 WB2 dir structure later, so you know what you need to have and where, and I'll post its startup sequence too.

You have more space than needed. My 2.0 System partition is 6 megs and I have lots of space left. The other 24 MB are destined to the Work: partition.

2.05 will work with your A500+, I dunno what the difefrence is with 2.04, perhaps special handlers for the A600's scsi.device (the internal IDE port). but if you have an installer disk for one of them, I sugegst you to install it that way instead of doing it manually. I remember mySystem partition was installed with my Install disk, but my Work partition later had a system taht I installed by hand from scratch, so it's not that hard.

I'll post you more info later.
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Hittin' the hardware...

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The only reason I added "assign" for disks was that I still had fresh Workbench disks without a keymap set, so when I copied to the HD it asked for the disk. Anyway, it works pretty well (so far!) and I've been getting to grips with the C compiler I have and copied a whole load of disks.

What would be really useful is a recommendation of a text editor with syntax highlighting for C (Aminet has quite a few but I want something simple - "Ed" is almost good enough for me!). Put it this way, I like the way most of the stuff I have on so far isn't bloatware so I have 90% of the disk free - most of that is the C compiler and a 12 disk reference manual!

I have downloaded a few and luckily my MessyDOS disk works so I just need to find some 720KB disks to nuke to try them out. Actually, I'm very surprised all of the disks I've tried so far have worked flawlessly. Still, the sooner I backup everything on the disk the better.

Have to admit I was distracted for a while playing a retro World Cup in Sensi though!
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