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Keyboard LAyout

i am new to the winfellow and winuae system but what is the pause key for games i am usgin 'p' and this has no effect is it possible for someone to have a layout of the amiga keyboard compared to the pc keyboard chers
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Cool Pause

What key is used for pause depends on what the programmer decided on at the time of writing the game. Many games do use P to pause, but you are probably trying to pause a game which doesn't use this key or has no pause function.

If you want to pause the emulator, then in WinFellow you can use F11 to bring up the options screen, pausing the emulation. In WinUAE, F12 does the same.

I'm not sure if there is a pause function in the emulators which will freeze the emulation without going to the options screen, but it is probably in the manual. The Amiga->PC keyboard changes in mapping should be there too.
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cheers its mainly that i have a cheat for robocop and need to pause the game to enter the cheat. but using 'P' doesnt pause the game yes i can pause the emulator to change settings etc but i really need to pause the game. cheers
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Cool Pause

For Robocop, pause is probably something like space, a function key or Help (check your docs to see what Help has been mapped to in the emulator - I think it is Page Up or Page Down).
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Under WinFellow, I think at least one of the default key mappings uses 'O' and 'P' for autofire or something, so try changing that. I cant remember where I read this, but I'm sure i did
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you can't remember ?!! here is the thread

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Another thing to consider is that games which kill the operating system (about 99% in other words!) generally lookup a rawkey value from a built in table in the language the original game was written in.

The most obvious example is the RSI Demomaker which has Y and Z around the wrong way for most English speakers. If you search the binary file you will see a table like this:


That is the German keymap from memory.

Some WHDLoad patches have been setup to work with all keyboards by detecting the keymap of the current machine and copying it over the above table (but only my fixes and some of Wepl's - the other guys don't bother/don't know how!)

This knowledge is useful in cheats, for example Mortal Kombat 2 must have had a lot of the code written in France as the french keymap is used for entering the word ZEDWEB (something like that). Basically if a key doesn't work and the key is A, Q, S, W, Y or Z, try the alternate keys Q, A, W, S, Z and Y respectively.
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