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save game and save state problems

Hi all
I have tried to search for this scenario , and reviewed the tutorials on the website but still struggling.
I am playing the WHD version of Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis adventure.
The game itself runs flawlessly.
The issue I have is when I try to save my progress. When I hit F12 - the options for load state or save state are greyed out.
If I insert a save disk in the DF0 removable media (called save game) - I then access the save game option from within the game itself , hit save and allocate a slot , and the save game works perfectly . (ie I can reload the save prior to exiting the emulator)
However when I exit the emulator and restart later , if I then try to load the same save game slot the name I gave is now replaced with "WARNING... old save game" , and receive an error message if I try to run this.
I have tried both the installation and portable version of FS-UAE (am on launcher and arcade 2.7.5dev)
many thanks
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WHDLoad saves during the game session in Ram only. You have to press the set WHDLoad quitkey or use the official ingame quit option (y/n) and the game is finally saved to hd.
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many thanks for this reply however I am still struggling

I looked for more info as to the exit method you specified , however nothing has altered.
I press F10 or even the * as suggested in one of the articles however nothing happens
When I select F12 in game , the load and save state options are still greyed out.
I am using the portable version , and i believe there is no longer a requirement to set a configuration file , only make settings in the launcher , is that correct?
thanks for all the assistance
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You have to press the * on the numPad. This is the default quitkey for Fate of Atlantis. Though you can set your own global quitkey. Copy the S:whdload.prefs file from this archive into the folder with the FS-UAE Launcher.exe. With a text editor you can open the whdload.prefs file and map your own quitkey using this rawkey codes table ,e.g. Quitkey= $59 which is the F10 key.


When I select F12 in game , the load and save state options are still greyed out.
Looks like FS-UAE only support save states for disk image loaded games but not for hd installed. Makes sense, i wouldn't consider it perfectly save to use WinUAE save states for WHDLoad games, although they may work fine for some games.

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Yes, I disabled the save states for WHDLoad games, because the save states does not (yet) understand the temporary disks created by the launcher, so the (full) paths will be different each time the game is loaded, and if the game keeps a file open when the state is saved, something bad happens when you load it...


(This should be fixable by making sure only relative paths are saved in the state files, but currently this isn't so)
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Old 27 February 2021, 13:26   #6
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Hi, has any progress been made meanwhile about this issue?

Generally I get a crash after playing for a while after loading a state with a WHDload game.

Retro-Nerd said above that it's safer to quit whdload before exiting emulatation, but I think I get crashed also with this method. Does it make any difference?

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Old 27 February 2021, 23:35   #7
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Like for many others adventure games, why use the WHDLoad version when the cracked copy of the game can be played/saved/loaded directly from HD ?
Is there any special reason ?
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Use Amiga files and play game in ScummVM.

If you want to have better experience with Indy 4, find FM Town version of the game.

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