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Old 19 June 2003, 13:07   #1
Into the Wonderful

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Nebulus 2

Has anyone got a config for this to make it work for me?

Ive DL the Skid Row crack but it freezes after you select F1 and gets stuck on track 00.

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Old 19 June 2003, 13:26   #2
Tim Janssen
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Cool No problems with it...

Just out of my head: my crack of Nebulus 2 works fine with any Kickstart 1.3 configuration. The game takes a very long while to load - along with Last Ninja III the longest I have ever experienced.
I'll check out the game tonight and maybe can even upload it tomorrow.
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Old 19 June 2003, 14:16   #3
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As far as I recall I needed to enable about 512kb slow mem to make neb 2 work on winUAE last time I tried it. I might be wrong though.

Also the "slower but more compatible" might be a good thing to activate. Otherwise it's just a standard A500
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Old 21 November 2005, 12:02   #4
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And 2 years later, it was my turn:

I desperately want to play this game. Back2roots advises using an ECS config with kick 3.0, which I've done. Loading and everything is fine. But: the towers don't have doors on them! Which kind of makes the game impossible to play!

I would use the WHD version, but I only have Amiga In A Box at the moment, and with that it crashes as soon as the tower is loaded (presumably because it is not compatible with an A1200).

Nebulus 1 works absolutely fine, but this isn't the game I want to play. Does anyone have any advice?
Old 22 November 2005, 12:19   #5
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Oh. Well failing that, does anyone have a config file that they can guarantee will play it, and make the doors appear?

I've also just realised this is in the wrong forum, sorry
Old 22 November 2005, 12:38   #6
Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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Can someone confirm if it works on real A500? (I am too lazy to play it more than 1minute )

I have seen too many problems caused by broken images.. Yes, it can be emulation problem but I am not going to waste my time to debug something that may be caused by something else.
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Old 24 November 2005, 10:51   #7
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I've got a Workbench ADF now, so I'll try using the HDInstall version
Old 10 July 2007, 20:25   #8
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Just found this thread looking for nebulus...
I remember from back when I tested it with cracked floppy version, it is non-trivial to get to work. nebulus 2 needed "cycle exact" for the doors to have the correct "See through" effect. Also I think it needs OCS chipset, but might want a 68020 cpu and slow mem in addition to extra fast mem in WinUAE to make work?!?!
But I tested it way back on old WinUAE... it is possible to get to work 100% though and is worth playing!!!
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Old 24 January 2008, 00:58   #9
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Did this ever get resolved?

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Old 24 January 2008, 01:36   #10
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Just tested the SKR version in WinUAE, worked well with my standard config wich is:
A500, Kickstart 1.3
ECS Agnus,Cycle exact CPU and blitter,Sprites and Sprites vs Playfield ticked.
1Mb Chip,1Mb Fast,1Mb Slow RAM

Game use DF0: only. After loading disk1, press F1, (Screen flashes) insert disk2 and press fire.

Also, and this could be important, I use the SKR version from Planetemu with these filenames:
Nebulus 2 - Pogo a gogo (1991)(21st Century)[cr SKR](Disk 1 of 4)[a]
Nebulus 2 - Pogo a gogo (1991)(21st Century)[cr SKR](Disk 2 of 4)
Nebulus 2 - Pogo a gogo (1991)(21st Century)[cr SKR](Disk 3 of 4)[a]
Nebulus 2 - Pogo a gogo (1991)(21st Century)[cr SKR](Disk 4 of 4)[a2]
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Old 24 January 2008, 02:34   #11
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Interesting - unless I'm missing a setting - I can't get it to work with those settings... I'm using the latest WinUAE.

I get black and blue flickering lines on hitting the F1 key to start the game...

I'll try NTSC next...

Any suggestions?

It's one of the games I want to feature in the book, so I'm kinda anxious to play it

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Old 24 January 2008, 02:54   #12
Missile Command Champion

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Originally Posted by andrew_rollings View Post
I get black and blue flickering lines on hitting the F1 key to start the game...
Insert Disk 2 (Game Disk 1) into DF0 when you see this blue/black flickering, works fine here with the +5 trained version.

/\/ebulus - II / 21th CENTURY!
P o G o a G o G o

The cracked version
The only thing to be mentioned is how the disk change works.
When you start the game (instead of reading the instructions)
the screen flashed. Insert GAMEDISK 1 and press joystick boutton.

Follow the instructions of the game (f.i. ´INSERT GAME DISK 1´)
When the screen flashes you have to replace your current game
disk with this disk. This disk is called ´BOOTDISK´.
When the screen flashes again and the BOOTDISK is already in
DF0: ,simply insert the gamedisk that you removed before.
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Old 28 March 2008, 17:25   #13
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Just a quick follow-up...

I finally got it working by remembering that the fire button and the mouse button are two different things

Thanks for the assistance.

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Old 25 November 2022, 21:25   #14
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just to request if a better crack could be possible also for this title;
all the existent cracks or better the lone Skidrow plus a couple of hacks/trainer of the same crack , have an added boot disk and are sadly locked on df0:
and seems to require a 1.x kickstart

when the original has no extra drive limit, and it works fine also with KS2.x


i'm listening the extra tunes contained in the Music Show submenu atm (pressing F7 on main menu)

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