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Tony Landais
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Exclamation Pet 4032

I know, please don't blame me this is an Amiga board but I would like to talk about another fantastic Commodore machine.
I have a PET 4032 that refuse to load any data from dataset or disk drive.
I did a small website to discribe the problem
any help will be a fantastic gift

My not working very well pet
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Hmm, this looks to me like if you are loading programs into the PET which were saved on another computer in a different ram area ( e.g. C64 )
To load programs at the PET's Basic start address, simply try loading them with ,8 instead of ,8,1.

If that doesn't help then some Rams could be bad....
Unfortunately Rams in the PET models are known to get bad just by looking at them from the wrong angle

But I know a guy who is a C= hardware god and knows quite a lot about PETs He can halp you with Ramadapters for more modern Ramchips, because the old ones are very hard to find, afaik !
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Tony Landais
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Join Date: Mar 2003
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In fact the pet can read the program it just saved before.
I was curious about the empty slot and of course the quality of my rams.
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It really looks like a memory relocation problem. Same happens on the C64 if you, for example, do LOAD"$",8,1...

Nice machine. I want a PET too!
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Tony Landais
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sorry a mistake in my previous message

The PET CAN'T read a program it just saved before...
I have several pets and they can read the programs saved by the 4032...

Last edited by Tony Landais; 10 April 2003 at 20:57.
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Old 11 April 2003, 14:21   #6
Tony Landais
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Specialist reply

Here is the best reply I received for my PET if people interested

your data from disk is not loaded to $401 but into screen RAM, which starts
at $8000. If you look closely you see that the data starts at $8081 (or
$8481, since screen RAM is mirrored several times) so I suspect that data bit
7 is stuck high on your IEEE interface, either on the driver chip or the 6520
or 6522 itself. Probably the latter one because saving still works.

Also all data is in reverse characters, where bit 7 is also set to high.

I think you should identify the faulty I/O chip with the help of the
schematic diagram matching your board revision (get it from Funet) and then
replace it. You can replace the 6520 with the easily available 6821.

I don't think the RAM is bad, since you get the full amount of bytes free,
and there are no other problems except tape loading. This might also get
solved magically once you replace the I/O chip.
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Old 11 April 2003, 17:49   #7
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i think your using the wrong commands (dload-diskload,directory) refer to a disk drive not a tape drive, also load"*",8 or 8,1 is wrong device 8 is a disk drive not a tape, the 1 is for machine programs only. its been awhile sinc i used a pet or c64 but i think if you just type save"program name" or save"program name",1
and remember tapes are store differently than disks so in order to load the program you just save rewind tape. to load first program on tape load"*",1 or load"*" to load a machince lang. program is load"*",1,1 or load "program name" or load "program name",1 I think 1 was devive for tape i could be wrong. also a directory on a tape system is dumb you would have scan the tape first then rewind. that why only 1-3 programs were save on a tape normally. and you wrote down about how many feet they started from zero.
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Tony Landais
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Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: uk
Posts: 426
I load and save from a floppy Disk drive via the IEEE 488 port.
Of course I tried to load and save from tape but the searching never stop...
Thank you for your help
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