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Filesystem read redirection

Hi guys,

I was wondering how it would be possible to go about patching the system to redirect reads or writes to another folder.

I.e if a process requests read to sys:catalogs i could read that from another volume without the system or application knowing.

I know you can alias devices etc but i would like to redirect specific folders.

Does anyone know what you would have to patch? Exec etc. The aim would be to have any amigados or wb process to see the redirected folder transparently.

Dont worry im not asking for any virus like activity. Etc..

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What happens with the files in SYS:catalogs? They could never be read again.

Actually most system files are accessed through assigns, not through absolute paths. For example shared libraries are accessed as libs:name.library not as sys:libs/name.library. With this in mind you can just change the assign in order to move the directory to annother volume.

For example

assign libs: work:system_files/libs

Or in the case of catalogs (which are in Locale:catalogs, not in Sys:catalogs).

assign locale: work:system_files/locale

You could even move SYS: to work:system_files.
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Catalogs was a bad example, it was actually for some other software that requests files using sys: what I was hoping to do was redirect these calls else where so I can have a cleaner system without having to have the files where the application wanted them.

your right aslong as the application is written properly and looks for things via a volume name you can just assign it elsewhere.

as for this... I guess you could just add a path to sys elsewhere.

i.e assign add sys: somewhere:else

I would still be interested in how you can patch it although.

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