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Amiga and Unix/Minix/Linux/*BSD

i just wondered, if there are EAB users around who use the C= Unix aka AMIX, or Minix, Linux or a BSD (NetBSD) system on their machines ?

i am not sure, but if there is enough interest in such things, maybe EAB might add some new sections ? just an idea !

if there are already some good boards around, can someone give me some pointers to them, please ?
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Emualting an Amiga under Linux would attract my interest just to see the amazing differences in perfomance...

I am sure Linux would do better and why not if it does... transfer all my Amiga related stuff to the Linux HDD

As for how to do something like that perhaps you should check UAE, WinFellow... The both have Linux versions
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the idea wasn't running an amiga emulator under linux, because they exist, but to run unix/linux/minix/*bsd on the amiga hardware. this is just a small almost insignificant difference... ;-)

besides i had amix and linux running on my old A3000, but this was about five years ago, and it wasn't too much fun.

i don't think amix will make me happier today, but i'll check out debian linux soon ... i just need to burn the isos.

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Linux on a A500

I tried linux on a A500 with a 530T (dropped in a full 030) I used Debian (potato) distro. I found it to be __very__ slow. Talking about running linux on 68k's I found it slow even on an 040 Mac, so to tell you the truth I don't know if its worth running on any classic 68k amiga hardware. I didn't even dare try running X that would kill the CPU big time.

If somebody sees it differently or has different experience yell out, I'd be interested.
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I bought the PowerPC version of Linux for my Amiga 4000T 060/PPC. All it did was lock up my machine. Now I use Linux Mandrake on a AMD 1.2GHz machine. I would love to get Linux working on the Amiga after all I spent $50 on the 3 CD set.
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Old 27 April 2002, 05:22   #6
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some time ago I had installed Debian potato and NetBSD in my own A1200
with blizzard 030... (without X) as i remember all work well,,, slow?
maybe... but with my 030 I consider this normal... =)

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