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WB2.1 or WB3.1 or WB3.9

Hi everyone,

Quick question for you guys. I have an A2000 I am getting setup to do some classic gaming using WHDLoad. The system stats are..

50Mhz 030 GVP accelerator
10MB Fast, 1MB Chip
Kickstart 2.04, WB2.1
4GB SCSI Hard Drive
Commodore A2320 Flicker Fixer

I have no intentions on adding an 060 board or a RTG video board. Is there any reason I should upgrade this system to KS3.1 given what I'm using this machine for? If I did, would this machine gain any benefit going to WB 3.5 or 3.9 over WB 3.1 ?
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I think the only way your gaming system could be better is if you had 2mb chip ram and AGA. Personally I wouldn't mind missing out on AGA.
I can't remember if any whdload slaves require more than 1mb chip. Might be worth looking into.
I can't think of any reason why you'd need to upgrade from WB2.
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That setup is perfectly fine for games. There might be a couple games that require more Chip RAM, but it's probably not worth it for you to pay up to $150 to get a 2Mb Chip.

WB 3.1 is better than 2.1, but 2.1 is good enough if you're just playing games. You certainly don't need 3.5 or 3.9. Even if you were planning on using the A2000 to do everything (browsing, music, wordprocessing, etc), 3.1 would still be better than 3.9 on that setup. (..which is almost as good as my A500 setup used to type this)
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Yup, if you're just going to play games then KS2 should be perfectly adequate. It's only worth upgrading to 3.1 if you're going to be doing something more serious...
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