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Old 08 November 2004, 19:03   #1
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ADF Sender Terminal V1.4 r4 released

Announcing the release of ADF Sender Terminal V1.4 r4


What is ADF Sender Terminal?

A terminal based transfer program to get
ADF files etc. back to an AMIGA or from
AMIGA to PC. Especially useful for Amiga
systems with little RAM.

Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP,
Nullmodem Cable

On Amiga:
Transdisk/Transwarp, Rawread etc.


ADF Sender Terminal Release notes:

* 07.November 2004 *
- further translations to german
- bug fix in status light for COM port
- dialog for repeating of send/receive added
- unneccessary zero byte after sending removed
- added designs with RGB colors from Workbench 1.3 and 2.0
- designs can be chosen in properties: STD, WB13, WB20
- path removed from the filename in the transfer window
- labels in transfer window adjusted
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Thanks for the info.
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Old 09 November 2004, 08:33   #3
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has it got any advantages over Amiga Explorer?
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Old 05 December 2004, 19:02   #4
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One of the advantages concerning serial transfer of whole ADF images is speed. With the new transwarp 1.4 on the Amiga side it takes 1:27 min to transfer a 901120 bytes disk to the PC (115200 bps).

Furthermore there are no limitations like filesize of 1 KB in ADF Sender Terminal.

OTOH ADF Sender Terminal was written to transfer ADF image files in both directions and it is not a file explorer.

- wms
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old thread, but ADF sender v1.5 r4 has been recently released.

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A very pertinent thread to revive gizmomelb

As there are constantly enquiries as to how to transfer data from low memorey Amiga systems to PC without great expense or expansion routes

It would help if users could pass on their experiences with its useage as well
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Didn't bother checking but is this program included in the FAQ? If not, it should definitely be there
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Old 16 January 2006, 08:23   #8
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wood57 - I use this program on the IBM to send ADF to my Amiga 500 (using null-modem cable) all the time.

I've got an A500 WB1.3 boot disk with the Amiga client and a simple script to transfer/write the ADFs on the A500, which I can upload to the zone if it's wanted?
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Old 16 January 2006, 08:31   #9
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Certainly gizmomelb you just have to up it to the zone

After all how else could forgetful A500 users be able to transfer data without a HUGE thread enquiring about it

This is one that needs to be kept alive for those future enquiries...I will suguest that KG host it over on WHD load after you up it with FULL credits for your scripting & guide
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Old 16 January 2006, 11:21   #10
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@ Gizmomelb & Woody57

As I’m back and maintaining EAB’s FAQ system again, please let me know if you want me to add anything to them (e.g. if you have done a guide on how to use this script, or link to site etc).

@ Bamiga2002
Yes a link to the program is included in the FAQ
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Old 16 January 2006, 12:11   #11
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Good thing too that this site is FINALLY on a "humane" URL (the old one was more than 50 characters long)
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Old 16 January 2006, 19:42   #12
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Your offer is much appreciated Paul aga

I know your presentational skills far exceed my own {And many other forum members }

Certainly I will be grateful if you can find the time to edit any guide etc uploaded once Gizmomelb zones it of course
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