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Amiga For sale??

What amiga should i buy??
I have an Amiga 500, and love all the games...but I want a faster one that can play the games i have now. I live in the USA--- so I need something with PAL too...I have a few soccer games, and it cuts out the bottom part of the screen.
My mouse hardly works..and I need a new external drive too...can someone help point me in the right direction. Is the Amiga 1200 good? Or Amiga 4000?
Or where I can get a mouse and external drive for A500.....help

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Mehh :D
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A nice A1200 will do just fine. If you can lay your hands on a A1200 in tower then that´s even better. If you only want to play A500 games then you probably won´t need a turbocard although I would recommend one, at least a 68030.
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where can i get an adapter?
what does it look like?
can i get it at a pc store?
thanks for the help..get back
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thanks alot. what about my games like man u. soccer where the screen gets cut off near the bottom. can i get amiga 1200 that can play regular games and the europian pal versions?? if so what do i need??
thanks- get back.
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I am not specialized in PAL/NTSC but I can tell the following. A1200 uses the AGA gfx chip, way better than the A500 OCS and the A500+/A600 ECS. Nevertheless you can use the Early Startup Menu to set the gfx to OCS or ECS or AGA, this to make sure older programs will work too. When you talk about floppy games then don´t worry, you can also boot an A1200 with a floppy inside the drive You can do of course a lot more with the A1200 but I don´t think that was your question But I also know that in the Early Startup Menu (hold down two mouse buttons when you turn the computer on) you can also hit the space bar to switch between Pal and NTSC ... if you use a NTSC TV then you probably won´t be able to see Pal screens. But maybe you´ll have more luck when using a RGB monitor ??? If you happen to be loaded on the financial side then of course you need to get a scandoubler that allows you to connect any pc monitor, even if that scandoubler is connected to your A500
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Thanks alot. I'm looking for an amiga 1200 tower. If not I'll go with the standard edition. I had packed away my A500 awhile back, but recently hooked it up. I love the games on it....I'm can't get into the newer PC games...and I'm really not into PS2 unless its Fifa Soccer or something. Will the A1200 load faster,ect? What can it do that the A500/A600 can't? Thanks alot.
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A1200 has the better standard graphics with AGA

It is proberly still the easiest to buy expansions for also to answer your earlier questions all these products , some boxed unused old stock and some NEW including memorey expansions hard drives and disk games etc are available from uk supplier http://www.amigadeals.co.uk also try the link to amiga univercity http://www.amigau.com/ for fuller information on all your 1200 /500/ 600 questions

have a nice miggy xmas
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