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We need your help, what are your favorite Amiga Platform games?

Now that the graphics are complete we need your help. What are your favorite platform games on Amiga? We are busy architecting the gameplay of our new platform game and want to get it right. We have been playing a lot of old Amiga platform games like Shadow of the Beast 1-3, Magic Pockets, Gods, McDonaldland and even ones we have never heard of before like Sword & WolfChild.

Here are some recent screenshots if you want to see the progress.

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This looks absolutely awesome!

Some of my favorite platform games are Trap Runner, Aladdin, Kid Chaos, Giana Sisters (SE), Arabian Nights, Chuck Rock.
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Turrican 1 and 2, Giana Sisters, Mad Professor Mariati, Tearaway Thomas, Addams Family, Alfred Chicken, FaYoh 1 and 2, Hudson Hawk, Lethal Weapon, Rolling Ronny, Superfrog.

I've spent more than average amount of time on the above, and probably many more but that's off the top of my head.
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My favorites are:
Superfrog, Oscar, Cool Spot, Nicky Boom and Trolls.
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Mega Twins, Lollypop, Ruff ‘n’ Tumble
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Turrican is a given.
Magic Pockets
Fire and Ice.
Not a big one, but I loved Rick Dangerous.
The Killing Game Show.
Flashback and Another World.
Black Tiger is one of my favourite games of all time.
New Zealand story, purely because it came with my A500 Batman Pack.
Oooh, Rainbow Islands.

(Personally thought that Shadow of the Beast was awful, although absolutely beautiful.)
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Ruff N Tumble is amazing. Anything where you collect stuff, keys for gates/doors, maze like levels that you can learn, secret areas.
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James Pond 2: Robocod also controls quite nicely plus has some fun game mechanics.
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Platformers is my favourite genre, but basically what I really DO NOT like if it is a generic platformer without any added value. So if it is only some boring jumping and collecting, I usually do not like it.

For me to find the platformer interesting, it must have something more. Like secret passages, items interaction, funny weapons, dialogues with NPCs, special abilities - just something that is unusual.
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Solid Gold
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(non exhaustive lists)
From BitD, many that were already mentioned in this thread + Flood, Another World, Flashback, Wizzy's Quest.
From a more recent period : Celtic Heart, Zerosphere, Powerglove reloaded, Solid Gold.
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Brian The Lion !
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cheeky scoundrel

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Well here is what I like and dislike about platformers. I'm going to skip things which were limitations of the time (like one tune repeating endlessly across all levels causing my ears to bleed).

Hate: Very imprecise collision detection. That's the only thing I'm putting the H-word too. If I'm killed by air your game is getting uninstalled.

  • Single hit death. Allow me to make a couple of mistakes, please. I'm not that good. I'm sure Hoi and Toki are great games to other people but... to me they're frustration simulators.
  • Crazy inertia (here's looking at you, Addams Family)
  • Related to crazy inertia, having no walk ramp up but instantly walking/running at full speed.
  • Slopes causing jumps to fail (Here's looking at you, Turrican 2).
  • Being of the type of running from health pickup to health pickup because it is nigh-on impossible to dodge projectiles or enemies due to a large player sprite that can hardly duck and has limited jumping (hello Robocop 2) .
  • Jumps of faith, although in some games it is used to good effect. An example of it being used to good effect is Prince of Persia. In Prince you can usually see somewhere else in the level where a jump of faith is needed.
  • Slow movement. Just. No. (Hello Creatures)
  • No short hit-immunity (Hi Turrican 1 & 2).
  • Not being able to jump off when climbing a ladder (Screw you, Elf!)
  • Getting killed because an enemy spawns right on your lap (Gremlins 2).

Features that make me like platformers above others:
  • Very responsive frame-perfect jumping
  • Cartoonish humor
  • Massive hidden bonus pickups which are giant food items like giant donuts (I know, oddly specific)
  • Speaking of hidden bonus pickups... secrets! Secret pickups, fake walls, background elements which as a secret can be walked on, etc. etc. The more there is to discover by accident, the better it is for replayability.
  • If a game has combat, being able to attack while jumping or climbing a ladder is a must.
  • Multidirectional levels, I like exploring and having multiple paths to the end
  • Scrolling instead of being multiple screens

With that in mind, games like:
  • Prince of Persia
  • Robocod
  • Chuck Rock 1&2
  • Blues Brothers
  • Wolfchild
  • Prehistorik 2 (which is not an Amiga game but could have been)
  • Aladdin

are absolute favourite platformers of mine. Gods, Addams Family, Baby Jo and Elf I like less for the platforming but the fact that they have huge sprawling levels with puzzle elements to it makes up for a lot of it, plus they all have excellent style. Gremlins 2 I only love because I have a huge thing for Gremlins 2, the game has too many things that are rough around the edges such that it blows the gaming experience (but the style and music... MM! This game could have been so good with some tweaks).

Soccer Kid is one that I should like but... no. The ball mechanic just doesn't do it for me. Original, but original does not have to be fun.

I have a love/hate relationship with Dark Castle/Beyond Dark Castle. Those games tick many of the dislike boxes but... it tickles my funny bone, there just isn't much like it. A version of that game with better controls but the same style and humor would make for one fantastic game.

Last edited by gimbal; 18 March 2021 at 20:41. Reason: How could I not list Aladdin!
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BC Kid, Addam's family, Mr NUTZ, Robocod, Superfrog, Kid Chaos, Chuck Rock, Soccer Kid & old Flood
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Trap Runner, Tiny little slug, Aladdin.
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Nicky Boum
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Benefactor is nice
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Lionheart, BC Kid, Turrican 2
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mä vaan
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Arabian nights http://hol.abime.net/3289
Bubble and Squeak http://hol.abime.net/221
Superfrog http://hol.abime.net/2225
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This cat is no more
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congrats, you got the entire community quoting the best platformer games on the amiga.

Now create a mix of all of them and create the killer app
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