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Thomas Richter
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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
I didn't mean PC-world chipsets - I meant software emulated virtual cards, FPGA implementations, etc. BTW, PiStorm also seems to implement RTG, I'm not sure how the Vampire handles it (do they have P96 driver, or their own solution). Of course, having a workaround for each and every such RTG provider wouldn't be feasible - but what about extended driver API that would allow them to support better screen dragging? Maybe even combined chipset+RTG screens displayed at once, if the OCS/ECS/AGA is emulated or provided by FPGA?
As stated, I don't think that this is the right way to go.
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Originally Posted by Thomas Richter View Post
VA2000 does not have a line-compare register, so it does not support screen dragging. The ZZ9000 has something comparable, though cannot (at this time?) mix modes or switch palettes. Warp 1260 is to my knowledge not a graphics card at all, and MiSTer does to my knowledge not implement RTG graphics but rather only native planar graphics.
Just to clarify, all Warp cards (1260, 560, 3060/4060, CDTV-60 and 1240) use XILINX ARTIX-7 FPGA-based RTG graphics; so obviously not an older conventional "chip" per se (like the PicassoIV's Cirrus Logic GD5446).

But according to CS-Lab, all Warp cards certainly require P96 (like the FPGA-based ZZ9000) for their graphics functionality (up to 32-bit FullHD 1920 x 1080) built into each card:

"The card supports Picasso96 drivers, each user is obliged to buy the driver himself." (source: https://amitopia.com/questions-and-a...que-warp-team/)

(FWIW, all evidence so far points to CS-Lab Warp cards being among the fastest implementations of P96 graphics on classic 68k Amigas--even before being optimized by Sellen.)

More info: http://gregdonner.org/warp4060/Speci...tml#xilinxfpga, http://www.amigaone.pl/?p=2954

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Does the new rtg.library support OS4 sized boardinfo struct or the old size? Asking for a friend who backported an OS4 driver to OS3 and noticed the driver writing outside the OS3 boardinfo struct with V2.1.
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Toni Wilen
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Originally Posted by fehmi View Post
I have checked above on 2 setups - Workbench 3.X on Amiga Forever 9 and AmiKit XE.
Posting again in this thread because I am not sure if this has something to do with Picasso96 too..

It crashes (or works strangely) because uaegfx gets Picasso96 FillRect() call with RenderInfo structure that has out of bounds VRAM address (0x3ffffce0, start of VRAM is 0x40000000) and UAE validates it immediately, unfortunately using wrong function that also assumes out of bounds address equals unrecoverable situation. RenderInfo BytesPerRow is 800 (correct)

Other parameters look fine, X=0, Y=0, Width=800 (width of screen), Height=1, Pen=0,Mask=FF, RGBFormat=1

Is this supposed to happen? Or is driver expected to ignore these? (uaegfx would have ignored it if it had used correct safe address validation routine..)

Hardware mouse cursor is in use.

EDIT: after fixing validation, it seems to work (with something strange going on with mouse but I haven't debugged it yet) but there is also CPU long word writes to same 0x3ffffcxx region.

0807BD70 5346                     SUBQ.W #$01,D6
0807BD72 6b20                     BMI.B #$20 == $0807bd94
0807BD74 12c0                     MOVE.B D0,(A1)+
0807BD76 6004                     BT .B #$04 == $0807bd7c
0807BD78 22c0                     MOVE.L D0,(A1)+
0807BD7A 22c0                     MOVE.L D0,(A1)+
0807BD7C 5146                     SUBQ.W #$08,D6
0807BD7E 6af8                     BPL.B #$f8 == $0807bd78
0807BD80 5846                     ADDQ.W #$04,D6
0807BD82 6b04                     BMI.B #$04 == $0807bd88
Code is located in rtg.library. So either something confuses rtg.library or something is simpy wrong. Or something.

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