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Have any old Mac Classic apps been open sourced?

Remembering that Deluxe Paint 1 was open sourced for internet archive (would be nice if they could do version 5 as well!) I wondered if there was any old Mac classic software that had been open sourced, especially something as useful as say Office 4 or early Photoshop or Quark, that we would have killed back in the day to have on Amiga, because at least if they were open sourced now there would be a chance to port them over to make native Amiga versions, just for the fun of it.

Yes I appreciate there's few people with the time and skill to make such ports even if the source code existed... but one can dream!
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Yes Adobe Photoshop 1.0 (Pascal, Assembler)
Mac Paint (Or is it Mac Draw?), (Pascal, Assembler) with source code also to QuickDraw routines.
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Oh really that is interesting. Now I can't help but think how fun it would be to do a summer project to port it... or to implement

I wonder how compatible the (non OS specific) code is with HiSpeed Pascal... (should be pretty good, the guy who wrote it worked at Borland on TurboPascal)/ Or maybe a better way would be to actually implement the mac os toolbox API as a source code compatible wrapper around Amiga APIs...
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If you ported quickdraw (source code available), you might have a shot at getting MacPaint or MacDraw (whichever one was released), but short of that, it's going to be hard to do anything other than just recreate all the code from scratch (I think, anyway). Classic Mac apps make A LOT of calls to the toolbox. Plus you have the added fun of the pascal-style calling.

I really wished that WriteNow had been open sourced. That was a great, compact, and fast word processor. It has a kind of interesting back story too: it was the back-up / shadow project in case MacWrite wasn't ready/good enough at the launch of the Mac in 1984. I had no idea of that at the time, learned that this year I think.

So one project you might want to look into: the name escapes me at the moment, but there is a team that is recreating the Mac Toolbox (basically kickstart ROM), kind of creating an AROS / WINE mashup that lets you run 68K Mac apps on a browser (or something). It's NOT emulation. They are recreating the API.
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I think I read of some abandoned mac classic runtime (called me Executor?) that would do that, pretty cool if it works. Luckily on Amiga we have Shapeshifter too. But native ports would be awesome.

I didn't know quickdraw itself was now open source. That could be interesting as Amiga graphics library never offered the kind of display independent abstraction that quickdraw did. i think guigfx/render libs are the closest we had to filling that gap.
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