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HD Toolbox does not recognize CF card(s)

I recently bought the 4GB CF Card Kit from AmigaKit.

After a week or so, I got a check-sum error and after that happened I could not start nor install Workbench anymore. Re-partitioning, re-formatting, fat, fat16 and fat32, nothing helped. It seemed the CF card was broken.

So I got a new one (didn't want to wait for AmigaKit to send a new one) in a local computerstore, a Sandisk Ultra 4GB CF Card. Sandisk CF cards are to be said the best brand to be used as an Amiga harddisk.

But, this CF card could not be detected in the HD Toolbox.
I searched for answers, and some people suggested other HD Installers, but now I am faced with the main problem that I cannot mount PC0: with only one Workbench Disk. I needed something called a DEVS/Mountinglist, which seems to be located on "Storage". But without the possibility to transfer files from the PC to Amiga I cannot get anywhere. Is there any possibility to create a startup floppydisk with the pc0 driver activated and room to spare for an ADF transfer program?

I also got a Platinum CF card 2GB, for use with an PCMCIA adapter (to be used for data transfers from PC to Amiga). Never got this working either. I tried this CF card internal as well, but to no avail.

So I have now three CF cards, from which not one of them is recognized (anymore) in the HD Toolbox.

I am kinda in a loss.
Is there anyway to determine if maybe the internal CF Card Adapter (from AmigaKit) is broken?
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How are you managing to format the card to fat16/fat32?

Can you connect the card to the PC?

What Amiga are you using the card on, A600/A1200?
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In Administrative Tools\Computer Management\Disk Management there is an option to format using fat16.

I can connect the cards to a pc with a cardreader, although for some reason the cardreaders' drives have disappeared from the device list (in Explorer). I don't know why.

It's an Amiga 1200, with Blizzard 1220/4 turbocard.
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You're doing it all wrong, that's why it's not working. Amiga drives need to be prepared with HDToolBox first, then formatted on the Amiga. If you format it on the PC, it will only work in the PCMCIA adapter on the Amiga if you have Fat95 and CompactFlash.device installed. If you want to use the card as an internal drive you need a Workbench floppy disk with HDToolBox on it, and preferably PFS3 or SFS to use as the new filesystem, as FFS is total crap.

You boot up from the floppy, get HDToolBox or HDInstTools to detect the drive, then you set the filesystem to use, partition it, save the changes to the drive and reboot. Then you should see some new icons on the desktop which you will need to format. Once these are formatted you can use it as an Amiga drive.

Do you have any Workbench floppy disks at all, or any way to write an ADF? I could whip up a disk with all the stuff on it you need and make an ADF for you, but you'll need a way to write it back to disk before it'll be useful to you.
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If you want you can send the cards to me and I will set them up for you, I'll make two copies of a working OS on the 4GB cards(so you have a spare) and set them up so that you can use the 2gb one to transfer files via the PC via PCMCIA.

Woooo 4000th post
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If you can't get it working on your own please consider taking Steve up on his offer. He helped me out with mine and it works an absolute treat.
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